Monday, December 27, 2010

update? i think?

I don't know if i've posted this already?? but the plan is I'm staying with this family for 3 months...and then switching to another family for the last 3 months. The last family is a friend of this family who i've already met. Their nice to, they have a daughter same age as my current host sister (their friends). Hopefully i'll like it their to, i've already been over to their house once...they also have a cat -_- ugh cats =P

oh and today I will mail out mom & dad's belated xmas gifts =)
and possibly get some allergy medicine =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry (Belated) Christmas!!!

So yesterday was christmas, and really it wasn't anything special =P
Christmas eve, the family came over and we had a big supper with tons of fish! since here they don't eat meat on xmas eve. After supper we set off fireworks from the balcony because thats a tradition here. You should have heard some of them! i swear they were like mini-bombs!!!! We laughed to much at my host sisters uncle, he was just like a kid playing with the fire works haha
After the fireworks we watched tv for a while and then at midnight everyone opened their gifts. I got some body lotion, shower gel and bracelets from my host fam...then my host nonna thought i didn't get anything so she went back to her apartment and got me a bottle of shampoo hahaha. It was overall a good night =)
Christmas day was just like a day off, since we did the presents on christmas eve, there wasn't really anything to do in the morning...we just ate breakfast and hung about for most of the didn't really feel like christmas but oh well...
I got to skype mommy, and daddy =) back to back and that was great! =D
So yeah...i think thats all??
when i upload the pictures to the computer i'll add them to this post =)

(the tree)

(fire works!)

(host uncle and cousin playing with fireworks =P)

(sofia falling onto the couch laughing xD)

Buon Natale! =D Tanti Auguri a tutti!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is tomorrow?? What!!!!!!?!?!??!

So today is christmas eve...that's like's really weird cause here there no snow and it's like 15 degrees out! I've been eating soooo much food lately haha my host sister is like "have you tired this yet??"
me: "no?"
her: "okay lets buy one!"
for everything!! lol sooo much fooooood!!!
after xmas we've planned to go on a diet hahaha

Yesterday we finished our xmas shopping and spent almost he entire day walking around my feet hurt so bad!!! I was funny, at around 5:30 we got bored so me her and her best friend Augusta went to the supermarket and bought beer and kinder délice (like a cake bar thingy) (i got peach iced tea haha) ...Yes, you can legally walk into a supermarket at 15 and buy a beer =P

After supper we got out xmas presents wrapped got ready to go out.
At about midnight we finally got to "camelot county" which is like a disco/bar/club thing and we were out till like 3ish It was lots of fun =)

Merry Christmas Eve!!

(An xmas tree in the center of the city, it's the street with al the shops =)

(Me and Augusta haha face is much fooooood!)

(my host sister Sofia showing off the crushed beer, and iced tea cans)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

=) New fammmmmillly

So i moved in with my new family finally haha not that i didn't like it at Ludovica's i loved it she was trying to convince her mom to let me stay there haha but they just don't have the room..anyways, I moved in last night around 7ish?? something like that. Before i go into further detail...saturday we went and saw Natale in Sud Africa, an italian comedy which was actually quite funny =) (we was me, ludovica and vincenzo who are both volunteers, vincenzo is my tutor) anyways, yesterday morning i "slept in" and after Ludovica took me to my new school to meet with my english teacher and take a little tour. It's SOOO much nicer than the one in castrovillari haha! After i just hung out for a while and got all my stuff together...then i moved =P

Ludovica and Vincenzo came with me to meet the family, their really nice =) I have a host sister a year younger than me, Sofia, My host mom, Candida, and my host dad i haven't met yet cause he's away for work. I also have a host cat =P it's kinda chubby lol
The house is nice i really like it. It's an apartment were on the 3rd floor, but it's big for an apartment, there's 2 full bathrooms and a big kitchen and a big living room/dining room, an big office and 2 bedrooms =) There's lots of paintings and books. =) Last night i hung out here with sofia and her friend Martina...i think what's been arranged is that i'm going to stay here for 3 months, then at Martina's for 3 months =) She's also really nice and we have a lot in common to =)

Today, i got up and ate breaky, then we got ready and went out with sofia's cousin and he drove us to go get another friend of sofia's, Agosta (idk how to spell it?) and we drove around and went and met some more of their friends, it's funny they all talk to me in english and i answer in italian and their just like you understand italian lol
we went to the Metropolis for lunch (A mall) and they got mcdonalds and i got a panino from some other place it was sooooo good...after 3 1/2 months here...i finally like mayonaise =P (also can't spell that =P) then we window shopped in the mall for a bit and came back home. We just chilled here for a while, and ended up fixing sofia's webcam. At 5:30 we went to an xmas concert for some of their friends singing school (i know this is a horrible sentence but my english writing is diminishing =P) oh when we were ddriving we figured out where the gym (for gymnastics) is! so were gonna go check that out eventually! uhm after the concert we went and did some xmas shopping and then came home and sofia made supper cause her mom is out and her dad is still away. After we ate we had profiteroles (i think thats how its spelt??) lemon and chocolate soooooo goooood!! then we watched tv and then had some gelato!!!! =) and now i'm going to bed =)

Nighty night =)
Happy Holidays!

(P.S. I can't wait till December 30th for my xmas gifts from home!!!! Thanks mommmmmy and dadddddy =D )

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New school =)

This is the website for my new school =)


Okay, so i'm gonna apologiza in advance because this may be a tad longggg....
So, first of i'll update everybody on what i know...which still isn't very much...but at least it's something =) So...currently i'm in cosenza (well actually Rende...but it's basically the same thing...just oter side or the little river)  staying with a volunteer, Ludovica, and her family until tomorrow (monday), When i will move in with my new family =) who i've been told live in the center of cosenza =) (sry for the run on sentence)

okay now to update on the past...i think 4 days??  well i guess 3 since today is the 4th but w/e

Thursday was a SNOWDAY!!!!! yes you heard me right S N O W D A Y!!! it was AWESOME!
We got up and went to school as usual even though we knew it would be closed, because elena wanted to maek sure she got her attendance mark in case it was open =P . We met up with Marta Stefania and Giuseppe...we all laughed when we saw Giuseppe walking towards the school, because he always skips and he chose to come on a snow day haha...anyways, after we waited inside the school with the teachers and like 2 other students we were told we could leave so we went to get breaky! I got a delicious crepe with white chocolate and a hot chocolate...which was more like watered down pudding but it was still good haha. After we walked around and met up with some more people and had a snowball fight =). Then i went and bought me self an early xmas present =) and then we headed over to Marta's to play some wii!
We went back home for lunch and just hung about the rest of the day, and then after supper we went out for a bit with Elsa just walking around and such. It was funny, when we were walking down the road, a car drove by and some guy yelled "AMERICA!!!!!" hahaha turns out it was one of the guys from earlier that day...cause he would either call me bionde (blond) or america =P lol

Friday was also a SNOWDAY! =D we didn't really do anything all day, i mostly got my packing finished up. In the morning we walked to the supermarket for some groceries cause the road was to icy for the car =P. Friday night we had a bunch of people over (Matteo, Giuseppe, Elsa, Chiara, Serena V, Serena R, Giulia, and Marco...i think that was his name?? not sure it was the first time i met him?) and we played wii and foosball =) and had tons of fun! we laughed soo much!

Saturday...yesterday, i got up and finished up the last of my packing, we left around 9:30 and met up with the afs volunteers around 10. At this point i was still out of the loop and didn't know what was going on. So the told me that i'm staying at Ludovica's house till monday she was with them when the came and got me and that monday i would go to my new family. We spent the morning and afternoon driving around to different places because they had to meet with some families of the students who want to do exchanges next year. We got lost twice but it was okay =P. For lunch we came to Rende and went to the Metropolis (the mall) and i got fries and a was SOOOOO good...there was a McDonalds at the mall and it was waaaay fancier than the ones in Canada =P. After lunch was more meeting then finally we got back to Ludovica's house. (she's 19 so she still lives with her parents). Then her mom had to go to the hairdresser so i went and got a hair cut must have been the biggest hairdresser place i've ever seen! it was HUGE like 6 different sections it was crazy...and they tok like 20 mins washing my hair then only like less than 10 to cut it =P haha
when we came back home we watched to soccer game between inter-milan and congo, inter won as always =). Then we went out for pizza and i got a pizza with zucchini, corn, mozzarella, tomatoes, and shrimp =P it was pretty good, but idk it just wasn't very pizza like haha. Then we came back home again and went to meet up with some of Ludovica's friends it was already like 10 by this point...and i was quite happy to be going out this late hahaha. So we met up with 5 people at a pub, they were just finishing their dinner, and when they finished me Ludovica and her friend maria-elena went to another bar, the most exclusive one in Rende (because you can never find anywhere to sit cause it's always so busy!) and ended up meeting like 9 other guys there who they hadn't seen since summer cause they've all been away at university. And we tried to find a place to sit, but we didn't succeed so we hung out outside for a while. The bar/cafe was HUGE!! it had 2 floors, and they sold gelato and pastries and it looked so delicious! Annnnnnyways, after a while Ludovica convinced everyone that we should find somewhere else to go, because it was after midnight and she was hungry =P so we all got back into our vehicles and went to another place in downtown cosenza, we just hung around there some more and by 1 we decided we wanted gelato! so we got back in our vehicles and went and got some gelato at the best gelateria in cosenza! it was soooooo goood! i got a little cup with mint, panna cotta and ricotta gelato! =D after out ice creams were done we all went home cause ti was like 2 am lol and that's what happened yesterday =)

Today so far has been great! I slept in till 9:30 then watched some tv, and had a REAL breakfast!...i'm still full haha i had 2 toast (normal siza like at home not the itty bitty kind they usually eat here) with butter and homemade strawberry jam! and 3 little cookies, and a little cake thing, and a hot chocolate!!! it was great! and then i came to write this...and i'm loving the fact that it's past noon and i'm still in my Pj's!! Later today were probably going to go to the cinema not sure what were gonna see but i don't really care =P

I'm happy =)
here's some photos =)

our snow day crew (me, marta, elena, stefania and giuseppe in the back( 

(YAY snow!)

(my school covered in snow!)

(that's what you get for kicking a tree =P)

(My present!! UGGs!!!!...and some lindor chocolates =)  
(Wii baseball! Elena and Serena R)

(Fooooooosball, matteo, serena V and giulia)

(haircut?? i just got it trimmed, but w/e)


That's it for now =)
I'm not really feeling the christmas feeling?? it's in 6 days...and idk it's just kinda wierd...or that my birthday's in like i think 15-16 days?? or something like that?? it's odd?
Miss everyone, hope your all enjoying the christmas season!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Che la NEVE!!!!!!! =D
There's SNOW!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sta Nevicando!

For those who don't understand's SNOWING!!!!!! =D it made me so happy to see the snow!! it melts as soon as it hits the ground but still!
That pretty much made my day, the only other thing i have to say is that i'm moving on thursday =) i know i'm going to Cosenza =) still don't know anything about my family lol
but i talked to a girl on facebook today who told me that i might be in her class in cosenza!! So i've made a friend even before i've moved! =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm bored, so here's a list =)

By reading the title, you have probably come to the conclusion that i'm bored...and guess what?? Your right! haha woo ain't that exciting! I could be doing homework or studying, but i really don't see the point in that since I only have 2 days left at my current school...

Stuff I miss (other than the obvious, friends and family):
-Canadian School!
-Having a schedule
-Being able to stay out past 11
-Not having to dry my hair
-Being able to walk around bare feet in the house
-Not having free time
-The stars
-Caesar salad
-Not having school on Saturday
-Corn on the cob
-Ice caps
-Tim Hortons in general
-Grilled cheese
-Blueberry jam
-Cereal that isn't chocolate flavoured
-Fruit that isn't oranges, or mandarins
-Being active
-Not having this gross spare tire around my waist!
-My fuzzy (Sheena)
-The cold
-Having water that isn't either to hot or to cold

yes, i know i mentioned it like 4 times, but I'm going a little crazy, I've only been what twice in the past like 3 weeks! I REALLY hope i'll be able to go when I move to Cosenza...if i can't do gym there (like scheduled, not just whenever my host mom can drive me) I will die. I kid you not...i am honestly going to die if I can't do gym! ... ='( I think I'm homesick for Gymnastics...and Gymzone.

... I'm Gymsick =(

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Have a Host Dog!

...that's it haha don't know anything else yet =P

Sunday, December 5, 2010


The lack of a decent title for this post is due to that fact that I don't really have anything much to update on.
Other than the fact that yesterday i went and saw HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! It made me beyond happy, i went with some of my classmates, and got a panzerotti then went to the theater! The movie was AMAZING!!!!! But it was weird to here different voices...Harry's voice was waaaaaaaay to high....and Voldemort didn't sound as evil...but oh well, no problems. And as a plus, i understood almost EVERYTHING! =)

Yup, that's about it, still haven't heard anything else from afs about my new family?? So i'm waiting on that. School's still the same, gym's the same, yeah haha nothing interesting really...oh well i got  amilshake the other day...and it was really good =) haha

miss yous!


Thursday, November 25, 2010


Soooooooo...two days ago i found out I have to switch 2 weeks...cause on their application, my family had only applied to host me for 3 months, i saw that when i first read their application so I had e-mailed the afs rep in quebec and she said things had already been worked out and they had agreed to host me for 10 months...but apparently thats not the case...So now my afs rep here is looking for a new family for me in his city, Cosenza. I'm pretty sure it's like the main city in southern italy, i've been there twice but only for a little bit. It's big...i think there's like 70,000 people that like there? and there's a gym there =) So hopefully i'll be able to go!
I'm trying to think of this as a good thing, but it's kinda hard, like i wish i would have known sooner...i'm finally starting to really get to know the friends i have here, and now i have to leave them, and make new friends at a new school =S ... oh well, I hope everything is going to work out =)

...and on the bright side, I had a dream partly in Italian last i had one dream in english then one in italian then another one in english lol...But i didn't realise till after the fact haha. It's weird sometimes people talk to me, and then when i think about it...i can't remember if they were talking in english or italian haha

and on another bright side...this Saturday i'm actually for sure going to my friends house and we're going to make pancakes and then go see HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!! =D I'm soooooo excited!!

miss yous!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clearly I've been slacking

I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks, and well, it isn't because I d haven't wanted to, it's just that i've been kinda busy. I'm going to try and make this short and sweet.

since my last post, I had a cold which lasted like a week and started a gift project.
Last weekend was the chestnut festival in S. agata so we spent the whole weekend there, there were chestnut shells covering the streets,  there were vendors (I bought 2 scarves, chocolate, and some bracelets) They were selling food to (i got a crepe with white chocolate and a homemade sausage on a bun) It was lots of fun, we rode on the bumper cars and listened to an aboriginal play all these different wooden flutes and instruments.

(Some of the booths)

(Me, Elena, and two of her friends from S. Agata)


(Soooooo many people!)

Schools been going pretty good, I understand pretty much everything now. Last week my english teacher was talking to me, and when she left another teacher came up to me and was like "you understood that??" and i said "yes, I speak english" and he had no idea that i was an exchange student =P Not much else is really interesting about school, i've had more homework...well not more...but i've actually been doing my homework lol 

hmmm? I went to one of my friends 17th b-days, we had cake and played wii =) it was fun, we laughed soooooooo much!!!

I've watched two more movies on tv, Step up 2 =) and La Vita e Belle (life is beautiful) which is about the concentration camps is was REALLY good! 

Gym's going pretty good to, last week i was just practicing front walkovers on the floor, and the coach was like...okay come do them on the she spotted some and they weren't all that bad haha. Then she some how convinced me to do back handsprings which were better than i expected =) 

(I made a poppy for Remembrance Day)

and as soon as it comes out in the theater here i'm going to see it with some of my friends!!! I'M BEYOND EXCITED!!! Were going to the movies tonight...but idk what were going to was supposed to be Paranormal Activity...but that isn't playing and Elena doesn't remember what they said were going to see instead =P

Yeah well that's about it...sorry this is so unorganized =P

as always
I MISS YOUUUUUUUUUS!!!!!!!!!! (<---i know that isn't a word...but oh well)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost 2 months =D !! Heyyyyyylo everyone who is reading this...I'm tired...and don't feel like writing a new post but...i've got some time...and if i wait any longer, i'm gonna end up forgetting stuff =P last post was on monday...I think in the afternoon??
Anyways, after i wrote that post, I went out for a walk with my host parents and their friends, and we went and got gelato!! At a music café, I got...chocolate, mango, and fiore di latte =) it was sooooooo goooooood! There were some tv's in the café that were playing music videos and one of Mariah Carry's (not sure if i spelt that right?) videos came on, and it was something about a nerd...i don't know how to explain it...but at one point the guy was sitting at an office desk and she was behind him dancing or something and my host dad was just like "Now thats the kind of secretary i'd like...maybe i'll trade in my old wife for a young girl like her" hahaha of course he was joking but it was hilarious! nothing else happened monday...we went our for pizza =P

Tuesday was another holiday, so we slept in and didn't go to school. We were supposed to all go to S. Agata, but there was a raging tropical thunderstorm going on so only my host parents ended up going.

Wednesday, i went to Cosenza with my host mom to go get my residence permit, but turns out the computers weren't working, so we have a new appointment for the 6th of Decmeber.

Thursday was school..not very exciting...i got an italian test back...and i got a 5 1/2 on it bahaha (marks here are out of 10 =S) but no like getting a 7 1/2 is considered REALLY good...and i think only 1 person in my class got above a 7 so i think i did okay haha. Gym on thursday was pretty good, we did lost of tumbling =)

Friday school was fairly uneventful...i had french all morning, and in one of my french classes (i had a double period) We had a test on "La Chanson De Roland" ...i finished 1 hour early lol...and I re-wrote my little essay thing...because the first one was kinda messy...i think i did pretty good =) Afternoon, we had 3 hours of math -_- ugh...that was boring...because my last period teacher wasn't at school. Friday night we went to the 18th b-day party of one of the girls in my class...before we left for her house, me elena, and stefania stopped at "think tank" (a gift shop) and elena and stefania picked out a was so funny! They got a mug with a picture of a guy in swim shorts on it...and when you put something hot in the mug...his swim shorts disappear  XD hahaha The party was good, we laughed and ate cake and snacks =)

Yesterday school was pretty good =) In the morning, i went and talked to one of the younger classes about canada, and answered questions and showed them some videos and photos. They want me go back again next saturday! (This is good...because it gets me out of physics! ...not that i don't like's just that the teacher thinks that by coming and teaching the lesson from my desk and writing in my book while talking extremely loudly will help me understand better haha) And in the afternoon we had english...and we got our english test back...and guess what i got?????? A 10!!!! lol yay me!
We left for S. agata after lunch because we had another 18th b-day party to go to lol
The party was really nice, it was in a hall, and it was catered. There was soooo much food!!! and like 120 people came to the party!! (my host sister was joking that the all of S. agata was there because it's a small town!) We hung out and talked and ate. They had some slide shows the family and friends had made for the birthday girl and they were really nice...and had some funny photos! We stayed until like 1ish, cause they didn't cut the cake till about 12:30 and then everyone was taking pictures. The cake was really good! well...the one i tried anyways...i think there were 6 or 7 different cakes!!

Today we got up and drove back to castrovillari and went straight to the main street, because the volunteer association "Gli Amici Del Cuore" which my host parents are part of was selling nuts to raise money for heart health research. I talked in french with one of the people that was part of the association...he knows french cause he lived in belgium for a while. After some of our friends from school came by to help, and i ended up talking with 2 of them from like 2 hours!! We laughed soooooo was great! Then we went out for lunch with some of the family and it was DELICIOUS!!! We ate brushetta, and mushroom pasta, and meat, and potatoes, and fruit, and panna cotta!! (panna cotta is a dessert it translates to cooked cream =P's really good!!)

yeah then we came home and now i'm writing this...and i'm tired so i'm going to go get ready for bed =)

Miss youuuussss! <3

Monday, November 1, 2010



So nothing to exciting happened during the week, just school, and gym, and italian lessons, but nothing overly interesting. On friday we had a class assembly which lasted almost the entire day, about student elections. uhm?? I finally had some cereal haha but my host sister doesn't like special k, so we ended up getting nesquick...yay for chocolate cereal :P (they don't have many varieties here lol...hmm oh i made my self a Peanut Butter and Jam was DELICIOUS! i've had 3 already this week :) ohhhhh! on thursday we went to a school wasn't so much a play, it was basically just people talking about the history of the city...on stage...with some music...but oh well, it was nice to get our and do something on a weekday :) and todaaaay!!! at lunch.....we had MASHED POTATOES!!!!!! I was so excited, i haven't had mashed potatoes since my going away party :( They were good....but i like canadian mashed potatoes better haha

okay so on to Halloween!
The day started out kinda lame, because i had slept horribly due to my stupid nose being clogged from my cold -_-...anyways...i woke up at like 6 and decided to get out of bed at around 7, spent about an hour skyping with my daddio. He's going to have so much fun when he goes to see Justin Bieber bahahaha. When everyone was up, we got dressed and ready for the day, and me and elena spent like half an hour trying to decide what we were going to wear to the halloween party we went to that night :P
So when everyone was finally ready, we drove to Spezzano which is were zia Paula lives (she's the canadian, sh's from Montreal) Her house is GINORMOUS!! It's probably about 5-6 times the size of my house in Canada :O Anyways, we went there to have lunch with the family, there were i think 27 people in total, including the kids. And we ate a 6 course home cooked meal that was soooooo delicious! We had Muscles (i didn't like them, but everything else was good :P), then calamari, then pasta with shrimp and clams, then fish, then another kind of fish, (both which were caught by some of the guys in the family...i think one was a sword fish!) then salad, and then finally dessert! Dessert was a chocolate cake with a creme filling (i got the recipe!), and pastries, and gelato, and fruit! It was sooooooooooooo GOOOOOOD! Lunch lasted from about 2:30-6:00, then we hung around for a little while longer, then we went back to Castrovillari to get ready for the party :) We only had about 20 mins to get ready so we were kind of rushed. We got picked up by one of our friends from school, who drove us to Terranova (it's about 30 mins from here) and we got lost like 3 times on the way there lol
The party was fun, there was pizza, and chips and other snacks, and we all danced and had a ton of fun!
It was funny, because I knew some of the people there from school, but some of the others were from Terranova and when someone else told them I was from canada, and to speak to me slowly they would talk like reeeeeaaaaaalllly sllllllooooooowwwwww and only say one word at a time hahaha and i would tell them i understodd italian but then some of them only spoke dialect....not italian :P Overall it was good, met some new people and actually talked a bit :)

(from left-right: Martina, Natalia, Me, Elena, Matteo, Serena, Vincenzo, and Angela in front)

(Angela & Matteo...they looked the creepiest)

yeah thats about all i have to here has been only 10ish degrees during the day and allot colder at night...but today i'm thinking it's above 20! and the sun is shining so things are good :) I also learn't today that in out yard we had mandarin trees, pomegranate trees, lemon trees, lime trees, and 2 other kinds which i don't know the english name for :P Only other thing i can think of is that i'm sick -_- with a soar throat only lasted a day, but my nose has been clogged for like 3 :( Thankfully...they have this wonderful medicine here that uncloggs my nose in like 15 mins! and it keeps working for about 8 hours! i'm gonna bring some back home with me hahaha

thats it
miss everyone!
hope everything is going great!

(p.s. I heard it snowed?? And that the wind has been a little crazy??

Monday, October 25, 2010

I know i posted yesterday...but this is important!

I'll keep this short and sweet!
-peanut butter
-some reese's peanut butter cups
-crispy crunch bar
-winter jacket
-fall jacket
-my math formula books
-headset for rosetta stone (i forgot it at home :S) 
-some shirts
-some vitamin C
-and my tuque!

thats all lol 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ginnastica, and some other stuff :)

ALLORA...the main point of this post is to talk about finally starting gymnastics!!! but i'll add in some other random things to, because gymnastics wasn't the only thing that happened this week :P

So uhm tuesday i started gymnastics, i'm going to be going from 4:30-7:30 mon-fri!! except on days when i have long italian lessons, or when i have lots of homework :P So that made me very very happy! Yeah, um anyways, i started gym, and it went pretty good....but i'm so out of shape :( it's very very disappointing but i know i'll be back to my normal self eventually haha. I'm the oldest at the gym in the competitive group, the next oldest are 2 girls who i think are in grade 8?? i'm not 100% sure though.. just know they're in the same class, and the aren't in high school yet. i think there's 4 more girls in the group who are younger, like between 9 and 11?? I was really surprised at how good some of them are! One of the "older" girls is really good. 

okay so before i continue on about that,  i'm just going to give a short briefing on the gym basically....the whole gym is about that size of a normal competitive floor... lol They have a normal beam and a low beam, and for vault they use mats. The bars are...interesting...they aren't full size, but they aren't kids bars or anything that small...and they bounce allot...I feel like they're going to snap when i use them haha uhm...floor is 2 strips of like the floor rolls we use as the vault runway...but they're as wide as a normal floor strip, and there's foam under them. they also have like kid size exercise machines, and a trampoline (which only the little kids can use because the ceiling isn't that high :P) So the gym itself is kinda iffy :P but the rest is really nice, like the change rooms and bathrooms are all bright colours and there's benches and coat racks and the sinks are really cool, the look kinda modern :) anddd!!!....THERE'S SHOWERS!!!!!!!! hahaha wooooooo!

Allora...back to what I was saying so the fact that the gym is well uhm, not the nicest is why i was really surprised at how good one girl is! on beam...she does back handsprings (here they call them flics), and back tucks!!! and on bars, he mount is uhm...i don't remember what its called...but it's like a kip, but you bring your feet through and end up almost sitting on the bar! And on vault she's working Yurchenkos! and on floor i have no idea how she manages to do it on the floor they have but she does whip, back handspring back tuck! Yeah so i was pretty amazed and i watched her floor routine and it's pretty much amazing haha and her music is Pirates of the Caribbean! and the first thing she does in her routine is back handspring, back arial or layout step out w/e you call it but yeah idk it made me happy to be back in the gym, and be able to watch something i could look forward to learning. Its funny a lot of times the coach will be working with one of the younger ones one beam (she's been doing beam routines) and we'll be doing conditioning and everyone will start fooling around and this one girl is just like "GUYS WE NEED TO KEEP WORKING...STOP RUNNING AROUND!" it's funny because she's really tiny and she acts like a coach :P oh and i managed to do some back tucks, which surprised me :P and some other stuff :P

Allora..."other stuff" 
well this week, we didn't really have school after tuesday, because there's something called "occupatione" going on? so the students are having "Autogestione" which is basically, we get the first floor of the school and do what we want, the first day we made new classes (ie: dance class, singing class, impersonation class, ect ect ect) It was funny, I was in impersonation class lol. The next 2 days we didn't go to school, because we thought it would be better to sleep in and study :) and yesterday we went to school, but we didn't do anything, we just walked around and played "doctor" outside (the game where you hold hands in a circle, then mix yourselves up and have to try and get back to being a circle again) 

hmm? more other? I had more italian lessons and i've been bringing my italian literature homework, so my teacher can help me understand lol, i'm learning about Ludovico Ariosto and italian poet.  My italian is slowly getting better :)

Yesterday in my opinion was a great day, we went to school late, and left at 10:30 haha then we went to S. Agata for lunch and stayed for a bit that afternoon. Then we came back home got ready, and ate supper. We went out a around 8:30 and it was actually kinda nice out, not to cold, i think it was like 15? We walked around and i bought some candy from the candy store :P they have something like "pop rocks" here, but after they pop...they turn into gum! We met up with some other people and walked around some more. And I went BY MYSELF and bought a gelato!!! it was caffe and Panna Cotta...sooooo soooo gooood! panna cotta is my new favourite flavour of gelato! Then we met up with some more people and walked and hung around via roma. I actually talked in italian a bit, it was funny, one girl started talking to me normal, and then without realising, just started talking like crazy fast and i was just like... :S huh? haha it was a funny moment :P 

(me and my host sister with our candy)

(Fizzy Pazzy, pretty much pop rocks, but they turn into gum!)

Today i woke up early (like everyday...because no matter what time i go to sleep at...i wake up 8 hours later...and usually lay in bed for 1-2 hours because no one else is up yet...because it only like 6:30-7:30 lol) anyways i got up and showered and got ready and we went out for Vibo...which is about 2 1/2 hours drive away, it's on the OCEAN! it was really pretty and before we ate we walked around for a bit on at the docks and took some pictures...(i'll add them in once i upload them onto the computer) On the way there, i was teaching my host dad english (he wants me to talk to him in english for 1/2 hour everyday :P) yeah so "lunch" was interesting lol we went to a really nice restaurant (my host dad said it was famous! (don't remember what it was called :S) and it lasted...3 hours! there were SIX COURSES!!!!! I have never been so full in my life! there was a small first course with like gravy and a little tiny mouth full of meat, second (for me i chose the meat meal instead of the fish one) was prosciutto and salad, 3rd was veggies in a pepper and tempura potato/mushroom thing, 4th was ravioli with like spinach, 5th was meat with cheese and gravy (this was my favourite part...even though i couldn't finish it because i was so full), and 6th was dessert. I got a tiny (about 1/3 of a scoop) of fiore del latte gelato...soooo delicious (now also one of my favourites!) and it was in what i thought was a conish thing and i took a bite and it almost tasted like those sticky cookies they have at chinese restaurants?? then i looked at it and was like ummm?? :S what is this turns out it was walnuts (or almonds i'm not sure what they said) in a sugar thing.... :S but on the bright didn't bother me! so i don't know if that's because i only had a tiny bite...or if i'm no longer allergic to them!! yeah after lunch we left and stopped in Cosenza on the way home cause my host dad had a presentation of a childrens book he wrote like 6 years ago at a new library, and then we came home and yeah that's it :)

(The Bay in Vibo)

(Left-right: My host dad, Giovanni, My host mom, Marilena, Wife of my host dad's friend, My host dad's friend)

(The girl on the right is my host dad's friend's daughter)

nothing much else to say? 

My list of accomplishments for this week:
-finally figured out how to snap my fingers!
-also finally figured out how to put eye liner on the top lol without it looking like a complete fail :P
-went into an Gelateria and bought myself a gelato! (Caffe and Panna Cotta!!! SOOOO GOOOD!) 
-First inside joke! (it's VOLDEMORT!) (not counting all the ones from the camp)
-actually spoke in italian with someone
-understood an entire story about Voldemort XD

yupp..that's it for now

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to use a bidet!

Here's the link for Luigi's explanation of how to use a bidet!! (<---- This one is in English) (<----this one is in Italian)

Allora, Va bene...Or something like that XD

Side note: Before i start i'd just like to say in advance ...excuse me for my bad grammar.. i know i tend to forget to capitalize my I's and i spell lots wrong but usually when i write these, i'm trying to get them done yeah sorry about that haha

Allora....This post is mostly going to be about the orientation I was at for the past 4 days :) because nothing much else is really important...the day after my last post, officially marked my 1 month here in Castrovillari!! 1 down 9 to go! ...well i guess that isn't really a good thing but i guess it kind of is?? meh oh well ? The only other non-orientation related thing was that today has been a pretty decent day...i got an extra 1/2 hour of sleep because no one set there we all woke up at 7:30 :) then at school, we had a math test, so my teacher gave me different questions and i got them all right...she was very happy! Then for english we went to the computer lab, which i love, because it's about 20x nicer than the one at my canadian school, it has REALLY nice computers and these headsets that when a certain person talks in them you can here, so i got to use the "special" ones to read stuff in english, then someone else would read what i read and i would correct them, thats what we do every english class...but was better, because we were in the computer lab :) and on top of all i witnessed a miracle...i went to the washroom...and guess what i saw when i opened the stall door?? TOILET PAPER!!!! I did a mental happy dance, i don't know why but it made me happy haha, even though i had my own "fazzolettis"

Okay so ORIENTATION...first of all was AMAZING!!!!!!! I haven't laughed so much in my life honestly it was just totally 100% AWESOME! I love every minute of it...okay well maybe not every minute...but i'd say about 99% was great! uhm i don't know where to start...there was so many great things, but i don't remember when everything happened :P
ALLORA...Va bene ...i'll start with that haha. For those of you who don't know, Italians really really really like to use the words "allora" and "va bene" they mean "then" and "okay" but everyone uses "allora" as "so". Like almost every sentence begins like this "Allora....blah blah blah" ....and when they forget what they want to say, or don't know what to say it goes like this "Allora.......Allora......Uhh Va bene....allora.....blah blah blah" It's quite hilarious. They use these the way teenagers use the word "Like" haha So this was basically our first inside joke from the camp...every time one of the volunteers said it, we would all repeat it :P

hmm okay i guess i can explain "Or something like that" there was one guy at the camp from serbia, and he would end every single on of his sentences with "or something like that" because he wasn't sure if he was saying the right words because he doesn't really speak kind of caught on and by the last day almost everyone was doing it :P

Hmm, well, the actually "camp" part of the camp, like the part where we did planned things was pretty good. We talked about our families, and italian school, and our countries, and stereotypes, and Italy, and we played games, and did skits, and laughed like i've never laughed before!

(This is from one of the skits...the topic was italian school, so we all got to make a skit about what school here is like, most of them included, "Allora...Allora..uhhmm?? Allora haha and teachers leaving to go take an" important" call, students paying absolutely no attention etc etc etc they were HILRARIOUS!)

(This was a game we played, like charades but each person had a country on their back, and they had to guess what it was by asking people to give them hints... this one was for Egypt!)

In on our "free time" we just hung out around the building...(it was the vesuvian archeological institute for something...i can't remember, but it was actually really nice, there was a snack bar, and on our floor (the top one) you could go out onto the roof!) yeah we hung out or watched the guys play soccer, idk just getting to talk with everybody was really neat, one night we explained how school worked in our countries and how a typical day for us was, and on the last night we all sang out national 4 am haha we didn't want to go to sleep because we knew we didn't have much time left with each other :( Over all, i think it was an amazing experience to be able to talk and just hang out with so many amazing people from different cultures all around the world! There were people from; Canada (haha), USA, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, China, Japan, Thailand, Croatia, France, Belgium, Latvia, Egypt, Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Turkey, Hungary, Paraguay, and Australia! And every single one of them are AMAZING!!!

(just chilling, the sun was soooo bright!)

(there was a university group there the last 2 days we were there, and they wanted a picture with us haha, 3 girls from China on the left, and me and Mikeala...she just takes the most amazing pictures haha...on the right)

(My name in, normal, arabic, and chinese writing)

(The view from the roof...that mountain is Vesuvius!)

(some of the guys playing soccer in the little feild)

hmm? unlike at the rome orientation, the food here was actually really really really good, we had pasta, and salad, and meat, and fish, and bread and more bread and more pasta and more meat haha and GELATO!!! AHH the Gelato in castellammare was sooooooo sooooooo goooood!!! i couldn't decide what to try, so i got, banana, vanilla, and coffee! yummm :)

(about 1/3 or the gelato flavour the gelateria had)

(a creme filled croissant that the volunteers bought for everyone!) 

yeah uhm well...I really have no idea what else to write, so I'm just going to make a list of some of the things I learnt :)

-In Japan, in winter...toilet seats are heated...and they have buttons to press, some flush the toilet...other spray wash your behind :P
(Keita explaining how to use japanese toilets)

-Also in Japan, school goes like this; 50 minutes sleep...10 minutes, mangiare (eat)...50 mins sleep...10 minutes mangiare, 50 minutes sleep...10 minutes, mangiare...50 mins sleep...10 minutes mangiare, 50 minutes sleep..and finish. Well according to Keita anyways

-How to use a Bidet. The funniest thing i've ever seen! (i'm going to post a link to the video once i get it uploaded on youtube!)

-How to salsa dance, the guy from Ecuador was teaching a bunch of us

-How to warm up for gym class in france. You do a easy dance, Marina (from france) taught me and mikeala her classes first trimester dance to "Waka Waka" 

-In Thailand hahaha is written 555 ??

-An endless list of curse words in multiple languages haha

-In Croatia, there is a house...inside a house. There's a story behind it, but it's to long to write, it you want to find out, just google it :)

-In Brazil, schools close for the world cup soccer matches

-We also learn't how to use turkish and chinese toilets :P

-Apparently us canadians are crazy lol

-How to figure out which direction is Makkah 

There are so many things i can't remember them all!

okay well i might update this post tomorrow or something, but for now thats all
Va bene...Ciao a tutii!
xoxoxoxo miss everyone!