Wednesday, September 29, 2010


...I posted yesterday...but i'm going to post again today, just because it was so wonderful!
So this morning, was a normal morning, got up at 7, got ready for the day (made pretty good time :P)
and went downstairs to make breakfast...where i put my toast in the toaster...and waited 3 mins...only to realize my toast...wasn't toasted...because the toaster wasn't plugged in lol
SOOO, i plugged in the toaster and waited another 3 minutes for my toast, which came out toasted...YAY!!! it was some pretty delicious toast :) (with cherry marmelata...which is jam)

then i went back upstairs and we left for schoool
which was better than usual...actually, today was i think my favourite day of school so far :D
because i started my new program, so i didn't have to sit threw the classes were i understand absolutely nothing!  So, for my first class, i had italian grammer, so i went to another classroom which i think had first year students...but i'm not 100 % sure, they were all very excited that i was in their class (i go every wednesday and monday, for 1 hr) it was odd, because they had no empty desks, so i had to sit in the teachers desk at the front of the class :P .  i understood a bit, it wasn't very interesting, they were just correcting work. so after the hour was over i went back to my normal class and had  "studio autonomo" ...which is basically a study period...except i'm in my normal there is a class going on (it was philosophy) so i just don't pay attention and do other work :P i have 6 of these every week, which i think is a bit much, but i'll see how it goes, and if i find i'm getting bored i'll ask my tutor if i can participate in a class :)

after my study period, i had french...and as most people know...i'm not a big fan of french but now...i think french is my FAVOURITE CLASS!!! :D the main reason being because i understood EVERYTHING the teacher was talking about hahaha, it made me quite happy :) we were talking about french literature (unlike the english teacher who doesn't speak fluent english...this teacher speaks fluent french :D ) and it's neat because here when the study languages, the don't just study grammer like in canada, the also study literature, and culture and history :) I liked this class allot, everyone was very nice, even though i was like 2 years younger than everyone :P and they all wanted to meet me (shake my hand) they all wanted me to sit beside them, but i ended up sitting in the middle of an aile because there were no room for more desks. over all...i loved this class :)

after that we had break...and i tried to buy plain M&M's but the vending machine gave me Peanut ones?? they were just as good so i didn't mind :) then i went outside and hung out with some ppl from my class and a few other ppl, and turns out one of them is african haha, he doesn't really look african but oh well :P they all proceeded to say things about him being african (in english) like "he is black :P" (even though is isn't even close to being black :P) and then he kept saying "i am AFRICA!" lol i thought i was pretty was on of had to be there moments :P

after break we had italian,  and we had a different teacher cause out normal teacher's husband is sick so she's away for 15 days. and she didn't really know what she was doing, so for most of the class everyone just explained what we had been doing in class and stuff

we got out at 1:10 and came home, we had spaghetti for pranzo and it was delicious as always :) and i had this meat roll in tomato sauce thing...cause the other thing my host mom had made had melanzana  (egg plant) in it so i couldn't eat that. but the meat roll thing was good haha :) it was funny, we were almost done eating and the tv was on in the background and all the sudden the simpsons theme song came on, and my host brother, Francesco, leaped out of his chair saying "I SIMPSON!!!!! :D :D" and ran to the couch hahaha it was quite funny :P

after lunch we hung around for a bit, then elena went to driving school and me, my host mom, and my other host brother, Antonio, went to the "centro commerciale" to go to "Auchan" (the name of the grocery store) because antonio wanted to get some food and stuff to bring back to his house or dorm idk which at university. So we were there for about an hour, they have lots of different things, there is like an entire aisle for pasta, and one for pastery snacks (like fruit or nutella filled croissants, or little cake things) and yeah it wasn't to differant from american/canadian grocery stores, but they have like a way bigger section for cheese, and meat lol, and they sell wine and beer and coolers and stuff. while we were there, i got some groceries of my own so that tomorrow i can bake CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!! i'm very very very excited :) anyways back to were i was going...sooooo, after we left the grocery store we stopped at an appliance store so antonio could get not sure what? and as we were checking out, he did a double take and saw this little red kids chair that was in the shape of a he  turns around and runs and sits down in the chair...testing it out to see if it's comfortable lol i laughed
and then we came back home, and i went on the computer for a bit, then ran on the tredmill for 20 some minutes, then had a shower, then ate supper (salad and i think steak?? but it wasn't as thick?) and some GELATO :) oh how i love gelato :)

oh and we got a call from afs today, and i'm starting my italian lessons tomorrow!!! :D :D thanks goodness !!!! haha it's from 3-6 :) and then when i'm done, i'm going to make my chocolate chip cookies :D :D eeeeeeh i'm excited!!!!

haha thats all for now :)
peace :)

just as a side host brothers are 22 and 23 lol :P
and they are AWESOME!
and so is my host sister :D
and my host parents :D :D (and my host dad comes back from canada next week!!! i'm excited to ask him what he thought about it!!!!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've already been here for 2 weeks!!!!! ahhh so crazy
okay so this post won't be long cause i only have to update for 4 days :P

so, saturday, was school haha woooooo...not -_- it rained off and on all day,  and nothing was very exciting, i bought a mars bar, on our break...i used to be obsessed with mars bars....but there kinda differant here...they're smaller and soooo much more sweet, like i took one bite of it and it was like WAAAAH!!! lol. uuuum after school, we went home, and i did some homework and read for a bit, then Elena went to the beautician, so i went with my host parents to run some errands (pick up some stuff at the grocery store, and buy a new luggage bag for my host dad, cause he left for CANADA this morning!) then we went home and me and elena got ready to go out :P everyone here get's like dressed up, well not really dresses up but they wear nicer clothes and high heels and lots of makeup to go out on saturday nights lol? idk i just wore normal clothes :) yes, so anyways, at 8:15ish, we left, and walked to tiffany cafe, it was actually pretty cold out :S and then we just hung out there for like 1 hr with a bunch of people, because one person couldn't come till 9:30, then a few of us walked to the pub, for supper, and waited some more, so by the time we actually got our orders, it was like 10:00!!! i was soooo hungry, i got the same thing i got last saturday, but i changed the mustard for ketchup :)!  After we were done, some of my friends proceeded to teach me all of the italian swear words haha, but i can't remember a single one lol after we left the pub, we walked around for a bit, and met up with some more ppl. and then eventually we went home

Sunday, ahh sunday. well sunday started out pretty decent, and it almost ended pretty decent...but it didn't...but i will get to that in a bit.
okay so sunday morning...i slept in...till 8 haha woooo then we had breakfast

and got ready for the day. Jut like last sunday...we drove to S. Agata and visited then went to church then ate lunch (homemade new love!) and watched some tv, then did some homework...visited some more...and then came back home. oh but on the way back we stopeed at a mall, and picked up some groceries and some supper!

(Castrovillari from the "autostrada"...the highway)

(it had been raining the day before so when we left for S. Agata sunday morning, the sun was breaking thru the clouds, it was so gorgeous!! I took this with my phone because i didn't have my camera on me)

(on the way to S. Agata)

it was late by the time we got back, so we chilled some more and got ready for bed.
and i skyped my mom for like an hour haha, and the day was all good, and i was just about to go to bed...when (this is were is stopped being decent) host mom got a phone call saying that her uncle had died :( we grabbed some pj's and essential stuff (toothpaste, socks etc.) and headed back out for S. Agata.

The next few days, were very quiet, we stayed in S. Agata until this evening (tuesday) not much to report, i just sat around the house for most of the time, because they would go to another house to see family members, but i didn't know anyone, and i felt as though i would be intruding if i went...
lucky i happened to bring a book with me, so i spent a good 5-6 hours reading, spent a lot of time watching tv as well, i was very excited to see that there is going to be CSI Miami in italian haha :P
the only exciting thing that happened, well i don't even really think it was exciting, but it was something...was that yesterday and today i went for a walk and explored the ancient part of the city! it isn't very big, but it's so beautiful!!! the streets are so small and there are tunnels and stuff, and one tunnel leads to these old concrete stairs down the side of the mountain, that lead down to a park and a soccer field!!  and this area being on the side of the mountain, overlooks this gorgeous valley, and you can see a   for ever!! it's my favourite thing about S. Agata! :D

(out the window from the 4th floor of my host g-ma's house in S. Agata)

yeah, so i think that about it...? i haven't been at school this week but i was supposed to start my new program thingy so i guess i'll see how that goes tomorrow!

oh and i met my other host brother because the 2 of them came down for the funeral :) ...okay...i think thats all lol

imma go sleep :) goodnight world :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

So, i'm going to need to post more than once a week :)

...because well you see, i forget things to easily haha so as of today, i have officially been in italy for 2 weeks, thats right, to entire weeks ahh , it only feels like it's been a few days!!!
i still love it here, and in these 2 weeks i haven't eaten the same thing more than once, there is just so much amazing food!!! (today we had linguini with these little clam things and it was soooo delicious, and the spaghetti here it like 10000000000x better than in canada haha, and the grapes are sooooo much better to...minus the fact that they aren't seedless :P)

hmm well i guess i don't have to much to say for this week, school has been pretty much the same i'm understanding a little bit more everyday...this week i actually handed in something for italian class :) and today in math class i went up to the board and solved an equation :) (with a little help from the teacher...cause i haven't done math in like 7 months :S) hmm what else about school...oh in gym class this week I beat everyone (tied the guys) doing push ups haha and i was the only girl that did them properly :P
....ummm well i don't think my bio teacher likes me...she thinks i'm incomphetant (cant spell that word :P) and doesn't want me in her class...but to bad for her!! hmm? on i think wednesday, my tutor (the english teacher) gave me this book called "italiano facile" (easy italian) and i've been using that, i've already done like 10 pages of work out of it, it's mostly grammer and stuff but it helps

this morning, we went to school at the normal time, but then when the bell rang for the first class i went to the bar "tiffany" with some other ppl from my class because our first period teacher wasn't we didn't have to be at school :) i bought a croissant with marmalde for colazione (breakfast) it was good, then we walked back to school. as a side pretty sure my philosophy teacher is mentally unstable, he mostly shouts, and his eyes go all buggy and stuff idk it's very strange but he makes everyone laugh so i guess it okay :P we actually got to leave school 1 hr early cause our last period teacher was gone to, so i only had 4 hours of school today!!! WOOOO! haha this pretty much made my day, because i was under the impression we had a class the last hour, but the bell rang and everyone pack up their stuff and left, in my mind i was just like "huh?? WHOOOOOO YES!!!!!!" hahaha

when i got back to the house we ate and then watched some tv, elena went to drive school and i did some work out of my "italiano facile" book. when she came back i got her to show me how to work the tredmill, and i ran for like 25 mins (the length of a tv show on my computer :P) i was pretty happy, considdering i didn't even stop once :D and i wasn't out of breath or anything....idk why but i find running on a treadmill so much easier...i think it's because it makes me keep a constant pace :)
also today i met one of te family's friends who believe it or CANADIAN!!! haha she's really nice and told me if i ever wanted to talk to her about anything just to get elena to give me her number :) (she's the only person i've met here you can speak fluent english haha, it was weird to here someone talk english without a thick accent :P

umm oh last night we went out for supper at a restaurant owned by a family friend and it was really good, the way they served the food was like gourmet, there was a salad with some kind of meat, and this zuchini goop stuff (it was actually really good) and ham with melon (honeydew) and for dessert i had this milk cream think with strawberry was delicious!

tonight, we went out for pizza!! again, but at a differant place, the pizza was so amazing!!! and they had pizzas that were litteraly 2 1/2 feet long and like 2 feet wide!!!! it was crazy!!!

umm hmm oh tv, here tv is something you must watch daily, there is no was around it, my favourite shows far are "le simpsons" "big bang theory" (in italian of course) , "io canto" (which is kinda like american idol, but it's all kids that sing and they are all really good, some of them are only like 6 :O) eeeeerrrrrmmmmm what else?? ....oh lol here there are a lot of really crapily filmed soap operas on alll the time lol and ppl actually like them (like i could have filmed half of them with my dad's video camera, idk i just don't like the way soap operas are filmed in general...?

and speaking of tv...guess who was on one of the only 5 italian channels?? MY HOST DAD!! he was on some news show for like 1 hr doing an interview and answering caller questions all about "heart health" i thought it was pretty kool :)

okay well i'm going to go to bed, i'll post again sooooooon
i miss everyone....and peanut butter :P sheena i miss you tooo!
okay buona notte!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

So, i've been here a week :)

and i still think it's absolutely incredible!!!
idk i don't have to much to say, school is still good, we get out early on wednesday, thursday and saturday
(early is at 1) the other days (monday, tuesday and friday) we get out at 2 :)
i did some homework for the first time on friday :P i did some math and my english hmwrk it wasn't to bad, but math took a while cause i had to translate everything with google :P

uuhmm i bought a cheapy phone this weak its a red samsung?
i also went to the post office and mailed out my residence papers
and i went swimming on friday and saturday, everyone here thought i was crazy cause it was "to cold" to be swimming (it was like 27 or something?)

yesterday...saturday we went to the pub....for supper and got some paninos they were very good (as is all the food here !) we eat pasta everyday!! its awesome and i've been trying lots of new stuff, its weird here when they cook fish they cook the whole thing then when you go to eat it you have to cut off the tail and the head???

(A picture one of my friends took at the pub, left to right-Elsa, Giuglia (not sure if that's spelt right haha but it's pronounced Julia), Me, Elena (my host sister), & Chiara (pronounced kiara))

today we went to S. Agata (pronounced San tagata) it was so beautiful its like the itly you see in the movies the narrow streets and all the houses were close together! it was in the mountains and i loved it, we went to church, which is basically the same as in canada, just more talking and less singing and well it was church and as most ppl not a big fan :P but w/e i'll survive :) it was really pretty the ceiling was all decorated and the walls were all stone :)

(A street in the historical part of S. Agata)

(view from on of the streets in S. Agata)

(In the car near S. Agata, it's pretty high up haha)

(on the drive back from S.Agata, a city up on a mountain) 

hmm idk what else to say so here's some random stuff:
-here the toilets are square
-there is a vedé or w/e its called in almost every bathroom
-food is very cheap (like i paid 4 euos when we went out for supper) and jeans are like 20 euro
-there are lots of nice stores (castrovillari is a city of like 20, 000 i think and they have a Dolce & Gabbana)
-everyone is very nice
-there is a building for "crazy" people
-there are lots of "crazy" people :P
-on saturday nights everyone goes out to the pubs, bars and via roma
-everyone wears skinny jeans, no matter how hot it is (the odd few ppl wear other pants)
-apparently i eat allot :P (today my host mom said "you need to eat more so that when you go back home your mom will say you have gotten smaller" haha i thought this was quite funny :P
-most people here aren't overly fit haha i'm the 3rd fastest in my class, i was only beaten by a guy and a girl who is close to 6 feet :P
-they watch lots of TV (simpsons, races (like nascar), miss italia, and soccer)

yeah so thats about it?? i can' think of much else so yeah that is all
hope all is well bak at home :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm HERE!!!

okay i have absolutely no desire to write a blog post right not but w/e i have some time so i'm going to!
umm okay i don't  know where to start i guess with the flight over here? well it was boring, i watched karate kid :P it was pretty funny, and then i tried to sleep but couldn't :P
i had a boring like 4 1/2 hour layover in London, which i spent walking around...i ended up bying a smoothie, some werther's chcolates....SOOOO GOOOD, and a new cheap iphone case, cause mine was kinda dying :P About 30 mins before the flight to rome...i finally managed to find the other canadaian exchange students lol then we flew to rome. (yes i'm 100% aware that that was about the worst run on sentence ever written but w/e) The guy i was sitting beside was really nice, he was going to rome for school, he's from the US and it's his third year in rome he was studying to be a priest type person i don't remember what it is called but yeah, once we landed we waited for 4 hours at the airport for more exchange students then took a bus to the hotel outside rome...i almost died i had to pee so bad and there was no bathroom on the bus -_-

(The canadian exchange students...minus Mikeala, she was on a later flight. None of us had a readily available canada flag, and 4 out of the 6 of us were from quebec lol so we used that flag :P)

when we arrived we ate supper and met a whole bunch of other ppl :) they were all great then went to our rooms and slept ;)
umm saturday we had orientation it was pretty good but long and hot
saturday night we had a welcome ceremony and then hung out some more
the yesterday (friday)
i got on the bus at 5:30 -_- ugh and then got on the bus here around 8:00 it was long (about 6 hours) but it was sooooo beautiful!!!!! i arrived in castrovillari around 2 and came to the house (i love it, it's gorgeous!! :D) and we had lunch, we laughed allot because of communication problems, at one point my host sister was reading the questions that i was supposed to ask my host parents and she asked me what she should call me mother, father, or like by name and me and my host brother burst out laughing and then she clued in and we all laughed for like 5 mins straight!!
after lunch i unpacked my stuff and then me and my host sister went to meet some of her friends. We went to a bar (a bar here is = to a café in canada) and i got some gelato...yummmmmmm :) er friends are all very funny, they asked me lots of questions about canada and we laughed a lot :)
then we went home and had supper with a bunch of the families friends it was delicious, as is all the food :D we had pasta, and salad, and these balls made from mozzarella and milk and bread and a bunch of other stuff! oh and i think nectarines are my new favourite fruit they are so amazing here every single one is soo deliciously juicy!!
after supper we watched miss italia then went to bed,
and TODAY!!! i started school! i was much better than i expected!! everyone is exremly nice and i actually understood a bit :P i had double maths, then double english (i am goign to ace this class haha i corrected eveyones work :P) and then double italian (no idea what went on here haha everyone talked waaaaaay tooooo fassssst lol
then we came home and ate lunch more pasta!!!! and grapes which were yummmy :)
then elena went to her driving class and i'm here :)
so thats it, i'll probably try and post every week or 2 but no garuntees :P
tomorrow i am going to by school supplies, and get my residence permit, and a cheap phone, and open a bank account :) and at school we have physics :S haha
ciao a tutti!
(picture I took on the bus ride from Roma to Castrovillari) 

(living room)

(house from the back)

(view from my room :D )

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So, well i guess this is it, my last post from Canada :)

Okay so i'm going to try and work backwards, to what has happened since my last post :)

8 days ago: -I went to the gym for the last time, and said goodbye to all my coaches :'(
-I went and saw "the switch" in theaters
-Then my friends from the gym came over
-We watched "diary of a wimpy kid"

7 days ago: -We all went swimming at white fish falls
-Then went home and ordered some pizza
-Then we went out for a bit and came back and watched "the back up plan" & "the spy next door"

(pics from White fish falls)

6 days ago: -We got up early and drove everyone back to sudbury
-Then I had to say goodbye to everyone :'(
-Then I went to chapters and got some books (thanks daddio)
-Then we drove home and i ate supper and watched "sherlock holmes"

5 days ago: -I hung around the house all morning
- Then i went to work for the afternoon
- then jenn came over and we hung out and she stayed over

4 days ago: - I had my going away party with the family :)
-i spent a few hours on my trampoline with my little cousin
-and we had a delicious supper!
-then everyone left except 3 of my friends
-we walked to timmies, and i had an ice capp and thought i was going to die because i was soooo full lol
-We went home and ended up staying up until 5:30 am haha

(Family going away party-me, my friends, and my cousin...isn't the best picture but oh well)

3 days ago: - We slept in
-then we drove them all home and i had t say goodbye yet again :'(
-when i got home, my boss called and said i didn't have to go in to work because it was so dead (probably because it was a dreary day and it was only like 15 degrees)
-jenn came over and helped me finish my packing, and then she went home sometime after supper

(Saying goodbye to Jenn)

2 days ago: -i got up early and went to school
-I said good bye to one of my friends
-I shadowed tara all day, we had drafting, then business, then art, lunch and religion :P
-we laughed lots and all in all i think it was a pretty good day :)
-then i said goodbye to everyone...yet again, and hopped in the car with my mom
-we picked up my rings at the jewellers
-then we drove off to Tonronto! (but we stopped along the way to get french fries, and a blizzard :P)
-we got to my cousins around 9 and we just hung out and then went to bed

(Saying goodbye to Tara, after my first/last day of school)

yesterday: - i got up and we hung around the house for the morning
-then we drove to vaughan mills and went to bass pro shop (and got some dippin dots :)
-we came back to oakville and went to the spa :) :) :) :) and got a facial and a massage :D
-after that i ate a chocolate...that had hazelnuts in it  so i didnt so anything else for the next 2 hours :(
-by 7:30 i was feeling better to me and my mom went to the mandarin for supper and i was delicious! and i had lots of dessert!
-we came back and my mom decided to reorganize me bags, so by midnight she was finished and we went to bed.

today: -i woke up, and had toast
and at 10:45 i'm going to get a haircut :)
-then were going to go visit my great aunt
-and then we're going to the keg for supper!
-Then to the airport!
-and at 7:55 .... I"M OFF!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I leave in 9 days :S and some other random stuff :)

okay so, i was just reading my posts and realized i've left a few things out, such as
- like a month ago i went down to toronto to go see PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!!! and it was totally amazing, we actually got to see it twice :O

(concert on the 2nd night)

(Live & Let Die)

-While we were in toronto, we spent 2 days shopping at the eaton center, and i got my laptop! and some other clothes, and a new carry on bag, i like it it's a puma bag, my mom doesn't think it's big enough but i do :)
-also while i was in Toronto i went and applied for my visa, which was basically standing in a line outside for 2 1/2 hours -_-
- i only have 2 shifts left at work :) & :(
- oh my ankle is almost totally better, i can run on it now, but i still can't jump 
-I had my going away party on the weekend and it was tons of fun, we laughed allot and ate some delicious food :) i'm really going to miss everyone :(

(Awesome cakes and my friends who i'm going to miss so much!)

(Bon fire)

-i never got to go to gym on thursday cause my ride got messed up and someone else ended up driving, but i'm going today and i'm also going to see a movie and have my gym friends over! :D
okay so thats the random stuff part of this post...
now the i leave in 9 days part :P
i found a topic thing in an exchange forum about all the stuff you're going to miss about home and your host country, so here's my list :)
1. My Friends, every single one of them
2. My Family
3. My puppy,
4. My bed, and its comfyness
5. My coaches
6. Tim Hortons 
7. Ice caps from tim Hortons :P
8. Snowmobiling
9. peanut butter
10. School Sports
11. all this talk about KD has made me realize that even though i don't eat it that often, I think i'm going to have to get my parents to ship some over haha
12. summer :)
13. competitively (for gymnastics)
13 1/2. competing 
14. SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!!! but i might get to go!! :D
15. My job (at DQ lol) and the people i work with
16. My other job (at the gym) and all the little kids i coach 
17. probably having a room to myself
18. having teachers who act like teenagers and do stupid things just to make us laugh (ie: yelling into a sink in the science lap to tell the teacher in the other lab something, and making fun of immature guys :P)
19. SNOW!!!
20. being able to blast music in the bathroom while i take ridiculously long showers when my parents aren't home
21. playing monopoly with my friends at 3am and quitting because we've already been playing for 3 hours :P
22. Going to camp and staying up watching the stars
23. The painful hugs i get from my friends every time i go to gym 
24. living in a small town where i can stay out as late as i want as long as my mom knows where i am 
25. maple syrup
26. going sledding at night :P
27. My house
28. English
29. Sudbury
30. & Espanola

even though there are allot of things i'm going to miss, i think i worry more about, okay this is kind of hard to explain but i'm going to try) I worry more about what i'm going to miss, than the things i'm going to miss. I mean that so much is going to happen this year, and i'm going to miss out on it, i know that it will be totally worth it in the end, but at this point in time, i feel like i'm just going to miss everything, and i'm going to come back and be totally out of the loop, everyone is going to have amazing stories, and laugh about everything that went on, and i'm just going to sit there, like a loner cause i'll have no idea whats going on :S
yeah so thats whats running through my head at the moment :P 
I'm suprisingly not nervous? i don't really know why lol it just seams like it isn't real like this isn't really going to happen? yeah so thats pretty much it? i leave in 9 days, and i have 7 left at home :'( i'm going to miss everyone and everything so much, i've never really taken the time to appreciate my small town, but now that i'm leaving it seems like my small town is great, even though we always say it sucks cause there is nothing to do. I love that you can walk from one end of town to the other in under an hour, and that you can walk around at night and not see a single person, i'm going to miss late night timmies runs, and the smoothies at mack's milk, and basically everything about this town, i think the only thing i'm not going to miss, is the stink that makes it's way through town every time the wind changes directions :P

okay well this is probably going to be like my second last post at home :S ahhhhhh haha so thats all, i'll make sure i post at least one more time before i leave :)
Ciao at tutti :)