Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Allora, Va bene...Or something like that XD

Side note: Before i start i'd just like to say in advance ...excuse me for my bad grammar.. i know i tend to forget to capitalize my I's and i spell lots wrong but usually when i write these, i'm trying to get them done quickly...so yeah sorry about that haha

Allora....This post is mostly going to be about the orientation I was at for the past 4 days :) because nothing much else is really important...the day after my last post, officially marked my 1 month here in Castrovillari!! 1 down 9 to go! ...well i guess that isn't really a good thing but i guess it kind of is?? meh oh well ? The only other non-orientation related thing was that today has been a pretty decent day...i got an extra 1/2 hour of sleep because no one set there alarm...so we all woke up at 7:30 :) then at school, we had a math test, so my teacher gave me different questions and i got them all right...she was very happy! Then for english we went to the computer lab, which i love, because it's about 20x nicer than the one at my canadian school, it has REALLY nice computers and these headsets that when a certain person talks in them you can here, so i got to use the "special" ones to read stuff in english, then someone else would read what i read and i would correct them, thats what we do every english class...but today...it was better, because we were in the computer lab :) and on top of all that...today i witnessed a miracle...i went to the washroom...and guess what i saw when i opened the stall door?? TOILET PAPER!!!! I did a mental happy dance, i don't know why but it made me happy haha, even though i had my own "fazzolettis"

Okay so ORIENTATION...first of all was AMAZING!!!!!!! I haven't laughed so much in my life honestly it was just totally 100% AWESOME! I love every minute of it...okay well maybe not every minute...but i'd say about 99% was great! uhm i don't know where to start...there was so many great things, but i don't remember when everything happened :P
ALLORA...Va bene ...i'll start with that haha. For those of you who don't know, Italians really really really like to use the words "allora" and "va bene" they mean "then" and "okay" but everyone uses "allora" as "so". Like almost every sentence begins like this "Allora....blah blah blah" ....and when they forget what they want to say, or don't know what to say it goes like this "Allora.......Allora......Uhh Va bene....allora.....blah blah blah" It's quite hilarious. They use these the way teenagers use the word "Like" haha So this was basically our first inside joke from the camp...every time one of the volunteers said it, we would all repeat it :P

hmm okay i guess i can explain "Or something like that" there was one guy at the camp from serbia, and he would end every single on of his sentences with "or something like that" because he wasn't sure if he was saying the right words because he doesn't really speak english...it kind of caught on and by the last day almost everyone was doing it :P

Hmm, well, the actually "camp" part of the camp, like the part where we did planned things was pretty good. We talked about our families, and italian school, and our countries, and stereotypes, and Italy, and we played games, and did skits, and laughed like i've never laughed before!

(This is from one of the skits...the topic was italian school, so we all got to make a skit about what school here is like, most of them included, "Allora...Allora..uhhmm?? Allora haha and teachers leaving to go take an" important" call, students paying absolutely no attention etc etc etc they were HILRARIOUS!)

(This was a game we played, like charades but each person had a country on their back, and they had to guess what it was by asking people to give them hints... this one was for Egypt!)

In on our "free time" we just hung out around the building...(it was the vesuvian archeological institute for something...i can't remember, but it was actually really nice, there was a snack bar, and on our floor (the top one) you could go out onto the roof!) anyways...so yeah we hung out or watched the guys play soccer, idk just getting to talk with everybody was really neat, one night we explained how school worked in our countries and how a typical day for us was, and on the last night we all sang out national anthems....at 4 am haha we didn't want to go to sleep because we knew we didn't have much time left with each other :( Over all, i think it was an amazing experience to be able to talk and just hang out with so many amazing people from different cultures all around the world! There were people from; Canada (haha), USA, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, China, Japan, Thailand, Croatia, France, Belgium, Latvia, Egypt, Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Turkey, Hungary, Paraguay, and Australia! And every single one of them are AMAZING!!!

(just chilling, the sun was soooo bright!)

(there was a university group there the last 2 days we were there, and they wanted a picture with us haha, 3 girls from China on the left, and me and Mikeala...she just takes the most amazing pictures haha...on the right)

(My name in, normal, arabic, and chinese writing)

(The view from the roof...that mountain is Vesuvius!)

(some of the guys playing soccer in the little feild)

hmm? unlike at the rome orientation, the food here was actually really really really good, we had pasta, and salad, and meat, and fish, and bread and more bread and more pasta and more meat haha and GELATO!!! AHH the Gelato in castellammare was sooooooo sooooooo goooood!!! i couldn't decide what to try, so i got, banana, vanilla, and coffee! yummm :)

(about 1/3 or the gelato flavour the gelateria had)

(a creme filled croissant that the volunteers bought for everyone!) 

yeah uhm well...I really have no idea what else to write, so I'm just going to make a list of some of the things I learnt :)

-In Japan, in winter...toilet seats are heated...and they have buttons to press, some flush the toilet...other spray wash your behind :P
(Keita explaining how to use japanese toilets)

-Also in Japan, school goes like this; 50 minutes sleep...10 minutes, mangiare (eat)...50 mins sleep...10 minutes mangiare, 50 minutes sleep...10 minutes, mangiare...50 mins sleep...10 minutes mangiare, 50 minutes sleep..and finish. Well according to Keita anyways

-How to use a Bidet. The funniest thing i've ever seen! (i'm going to post a link to the video once i get it uploaded on youtube!)

-How to salsa dance, the guy from Ecuador was teaching a bunch of us

-How to warm up for gym class in france. You do a easy dance, Marina (from france) taught me and mikeala her classes first trimester dance to "Waka Waka" 

-In Thailand hahaha is written 555 ??

-An endless list of curse words in multiple languages haha

-In Croatia, there is a house...inside a house. There's a story behind it, but it's to long to write, it you want to find out, just google it :)

-In Brazil, schools close for the world cup soccer matches

-We also learn't how to use turkish and chinese toilets :P

-Apparently us canadians are crazy lol

-How to figure out which direction is Makkah 

There are so many things i can't remember them all!

okay well i might update this post tomorrow or something, but for now thats all
Va bene...Ciao a tutii!
xoxoxoxo miss everyone!

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