Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry (Belated) Christmas!!!

So yesterday was christmas, and really it wasn't anything special =P
Christmas eve, the family came over and we had a big supper with tons of fish! since here they don't eat meat on xmas eve. After supper we set off fireworks from the balcony because thats a tradition here. You should have heard some of them! i swear they were like mini-bombs!!!! We laughed to much at my host sisters uncle, he was just like a kid playing with the fire works haha
After the fireworks we watched tv for a while and then at midnight everyone opened their gifts. I got some body lotion, shower gel and bracelets from my host fam...then my host nonna thought i didn't get anything so she went back to her apartment and got me a bottle of shampoo hahaha. It was overall a good night =)
Christmas day was just like a day off, since we did the presents on christmas eve, there wasn't really anything to do in the morning...we just ate breakfast and hung about for most of the didn't really feel like christmas but oh well...
I got to skype mommy, and daddy =) back to back and that was great! =D
So yeah...i think thats all??
when i upload the pictures to the computer i'll add them to this post =)

(the tree)

(fire works!)

(host uncle and cousin playing with fireworks =P)

(sofia falling onto the couch laughing xD)

Buon Natale! =D Tanti Auguri a tutti!

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