Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is short but i thought it deserved a blog post =)

For the first time since i got here i understood and successfully complete all the math questions assigned for homework...BY MYSELF!!! HA. i had to redo on 5 times but that's okay cause i figured it out BY MYSELF!!!! =D I'm i'm going to take a break from studying =)

Monday, January 24, 2011

GYM!!! =D

So we called the gym again and this time they answered!! =D
i have 2 options, which we are going to check out later this week =)
1. I can train with the little competitive kids or
2. They have adult gymnastics which will be more like open gym, but more structured which i think will be better =) YAY!!! =D
I'm soooooo HAPPY!!!
and tonight were going for chinese, and i ate lots of chocolate today and sunday is snowboarding....i'm just in a super good mood right now =)

Che tempo brutto

in english "What ugly weather" It's been rainy and cold here since thursday which sucks...but! The one good thing about this horrible weather is that is has brought snow to the surrounding mountains which weekend we're going to the ski hill!!!! =D Sofia doesn't want to ski...but her uncle is going so were gonna go and she's gonna bring a friend and just watch =) I'm excited!! I miss snowboarding!! 
hmm...idk what to write nothing to exciting to report, life here really isn't all that different, school, homework, studying, hanging out with friends it's good. Saturday we went as a big group to see "Qualunquemente" an italian film that makes fun of politics it was pretty good, i didn't understand everything though cause it was in dialect -.- lol. Then we went out for supper to the  'free pub" which isn't free just to clarify haha. Yeah not much else? 
i took some pictures of my school work so here you go =P

(I Pormesi Sposi...The betrothed)

(this is old...i got bored haha)

(some of my notebooks) 

(Still bored)

(pg 1 of an essay on vivisection)

(pg 2)

(math -.-)

(today's math -.-)


(what could this be??)

(doodle pages)

(the little person on my agenda that i drew for halloween)

(quotes...what is real)

(found this in one of the books i brought from home...i drew it in grade 8)

(count downnnnn)

(from the greek teacher at my old school)

(history of art)


(bio from old one else drew them...but it helps me to see pictures)

(hmmm...this was slightly familiar hahaha)

(Spanish =S)

(vocab form harry potter =P)

(more vocab)

and thats it...ciaooooooo

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 looks AMAZING!

so before I explain why 2011 looks so amazing, i'll update a bit on this past week =)

Sooooo, Sunday morning we went out for a nice long run =) Were going to go evey long as the weather is decent.
Monday marked 4 months here in italy...which i think is totally crazy since i have less than 6 months left...i'm almost halfway done =S  I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing...I love it here, i can't really imagine going home in less than 6 months...
I finished my first full week at my new school and i like it so much better than the other one, things are waaaay more organised and i'm learning more already =)
On thursday i went to see a movie with the school, it was alright not really something i would choose to watch but still it was nice to get out on a weekday lol plus we stayed out for lunch and got Pizza romana, and some gelato =) yummm.
Friday we didn't go to class because we went to a spanish play instead....i understood all of about 5 words lol...3 of which were names xD Then we went for lunch at the mall and spent the afternoon just hanging out with like 1/2 the class cause the weather was soooo nice (like around 15!) Then that night we went out for MEXICAN!! omg...i'm in love!!! I had onion rings for the first time in over 4 months and the most amazing burrito you could imagine!! ahhh it was just so good!! and i got a sombrero hahaha

yeah so that was this week...and here what my 2011 is looking like so far =)

End of Jan
Exchange week up north!! They said it would probably be like Venice!! or Milan!! or something!!! =D

End of Feb
Dad coming to visit for a weekend!! =D

Trip to rome with a bunch of friends
GERMANY!!!!! cause daddio is working musikmesse =) (already talked with my rep and he's fine with it he just has to run it by the head office but he said there shouldn't be any problems =)

Schools done first week of the month! Gonna be spending my days at the sea!! =)

End of stay camp get to see all the other exchangers!!! =)
Euro trip with mom =D
HOME!! =D Get to see all my friends after 10 months!!!

EEEEE it's just so exciting!!!!! =D

Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is gonna be a short one =)
Just want to say thanks for the xmas presents!!! I love every single one of them!!! =D
It was a great day, the 7th of january, first day of school, got out an hour early, it was warm and came home to a great big package sent from home =)
(the last 2 pics are unrelated...but i just wanted to add them)

(There it is!!!)

(It's xmas in January!)

(Hehehe kraft dinner xD)

(From Mommy =)

(Thanks youuuuuuu! ...and yes that thing in the back is a remote control "AR drone")

(This is what I ended up with after like 30 mins at H&M...yay sales!)

(This was at Blockbuster...SUPER NACHO xD hahahahhah)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 =)

Happy New Year !!!!
i know i'm late but at least i didn't forget =P
so it's been like a week and a half since I last wrote a post and i honestly can't remember what's happened, i don't really keep track of the days when i'm not in school haha (which starts on friday)  Okay so i'll try and do this somewhat in order...

So after christmas and before new years was just more eating and going out int he afternoon and the evenings, walking around running errands and stuff.  Nothing seems to stick out in my mind...we went to the mall a few times, ate fast food at the mall, i had a caesar salad from macdon's...cause i refused to order anything was okay lol (oh and here at mcdonalds they sell beer...and fried shrimp?? and then there's another section called the McCafĂ© where they sell ice cream and fruit and cake and doughnuts and stuff?) i'm not gonna write anything more about that.

New years eve was...i guess i'll call it interesting...We went out for supper with the family and some friends and the food really wasn't that good, my host sister and host mom were confused because they went to the same place for new years last year and it was really good. I didn't think it was bad, but it wasn't anything exceptional...there were like 6 or  8 courses and we were all stuffed by the end of it! At new years everyone ran outside and popped the champagne open, then they turned on the music and everyone came back in and started dancing. After like 1/2 hour me and Sofia went to get changed (cause we had to dress up..oh yeah i bought a dress on new years nothing fancy but yeah...) anyways by the time we changed clothes and left it was around 12:30ish and we went and met up with 2 other people, we walked around for a while and watched the fireworks till about 2 (at this time there were still i'd say about 5-7 years old running through the streets) after the fire works we went to some park and everyone was drinking (not me, i was smart =P) and i'm not going to go into detail but it ended up being a stressful night with a friend in the hospital. Luckily their okay now obviously doesn't remember anything but didn't even have a head ache the next day.  the friend and my host sister both vowed never to drink again (beer and wine being exceptions because here everyone drink wine at meals and a beer is like go to the pub for supper get a burger and a beer just one kinda thing) yeah so that was new years

okay here comes my failure to keep things in order...was just looking at some pictures and remembered something that happened before new years =P
so not sure what day it was, but sofia and augusta took me to see Cosenza vecchia (the old part of the city) it was dark so i don't have many good pictures but next time we go i'll take some good ones =)
(this was in a plazza we wandered into sofia and augusta didn't even know it existed)

(This is the view from the aunt and uncles house in San. Pietro)

Okay next up My birthday =) ....YAY i'm OLD!!!! lol not really yay but w/e
So the afternoon of my b-day we drove to Paola (a city on the ocean like 30 mins from here) to pick up sofia's friend Marta from the train station who was coming to visit for a few days from rome.  We spent the afternoon out and about walking around kinda giving marta a mini-tour of Cosenza. Sofia, Augusta, and Martina (I'm going to be staying with martina for the last 3 months) pitched in and bought me a sweater from Zara for my b-da gift it's pretty awesome it's got yogi bear on it haha. We went home later and had some delicious pizza and Haagen daz ice cream, blockbuster popcorn and Pepperidge farms cookies!! yummm...i missed american cookies! Then we had cake i got a piece out of the center cause the outside was decorated with almonds lol oh and they even sang me happy birthday in english =) Then we watched some movies and went to bed i think over all it was a pretty good birthday =) 

(foood =)


(my cake! it was sooooooooooooo good!!!!!!)

(from left to right; My future host mom, me (wearing the sweater), my host mom, Martina, Marta, and Sofia)

Hmm nothing else much to report...lots and lots of pizza yesterday, the 4th, we went to "Pizza Mi" and had pizza for lunch (me, Sofia and Marta) Then for supper we went to a pizzeria (Me, Sofia, Augusta, Marta and two of her friends that she hadn't seen in almost a year and a half) The pizza was DELICIOUS!!!! yummmm!! But i'm pizzad out for a while lol 

that's it
oh wait no, my xmas gifts are almost here! I checked on the fedex tracking website and they should arrive later today or tomorrow =D eeee (mom and dad, your packages are currently in Germany =P Their slowly making their way =)

Miss youuuuuss