Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clearly I've been slacking

I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks, and well, it isn't because I d haven't wanted to, it's just that i've been kinda busy. I'm going to try and make this short and sweet.

since my last post, I had a cold which lasted like a week and started a gift project.
Last weekend was the chestnut festival in S. agata so we spent the whole weekend there, there were chestnut shells covering the streets,  there were vendors (I bought 2 scarves, chocolate, and some bracelets) They were selling food to (i got a crepe with white chocolate and a homemade sausage on a bun) It was lots of fun, we rode on the bumper cars and listened to an aboriginal play all these different wooden flutes and instruments.

(Some of the booths)

(Me, Elena, and two of her friends from S. Agata)


(Soooooo many people!)

Schools been going pretty good, I understand pretty much everything now. Last week my english teacher was talking to me, and when she left another teacher came up to me and was like "you understood that??" and i said "yes, I speak english" and he had no idea that i was an exchange student =P Not much else is really interesting about school, i've had more homework...well not more...but i've actually been doing my homework lol 

hmmm? I went to one of my friends 17th b-days, we had cake and played wii =) it was fun, we laughed soooooooo much!!!

I've watched two more movies on tv, Step up 2 =) and La Vita e Belle (life is beautiful) which is about the concentration camps is was REALLY good! 

Gym's going pretty good to, last week i was just practicing front walkovers on the floor, and the coach was like...okay come do them on the she spotted some and they weren't all that bad haha. Then she some how convinced me to do back handsprings which were better than i expected =) 

(I made a poppy for Remembrance Day)

and as soon as it comes out in the theater here i'm going to see it with some of my friends!!! I'M BEYOND EXCITED!!! Were going to the movies tonight...but idk what were going to was supposed to be Paranormal Activity...but that isn't playing and Elena doesn't remember what they said were going to see instead =P

Yeah well that's about it...sorry this is so unorganized =P

as always
I MISS YOUUUUUUUUUS!!!!!!!!!! (<---i know that isn't a word...but oh well)

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