Monday, December 27, 2010

update? i think?

I don't know if i've posted this already?? but the plan is I'm staying with this family for 3 months...and then switching to another family for the last 3 months. The last family is a friend of this family who i've already met. Their nice to, they have a daughter same age as my current host sister (their friends). Hopefully i'll like it their to, i've already been over to their house once...they also have a cat -_- ugh cats =P

oh and today I will mail out mom & dad's belated xmas gifts =)
and possibly get some allergy medicine =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry (Belated) Christmas!!!

So yesterday was christmas, and really it wasn't anything special =P
Christmas eve, the family came over and we had a big supper with tons of fish! since here they don't eat meat on xmas eve. After supper we set off fireworks from the balcony because thats a tradition here. You should have heard some of them! i swear they were like mini-bombs!!!! We laughed to much at my host sisters uncle, he was just like a kid playing with the fire works haha
After the fireworks we watched tv for a while and then at midnight everyone opened their gifts. I got some body lotion, shower gel and bracelets from my host fam...then my host nonna thought i didn't get anything so she went back to her apartment and got me a bottle of shampoo hahaha. It was overall a good night =)
Christmas day was just like a day off, since we did the presents on christmas eve, there wasn't really anything to do in the morning...we just ate breakfast and hung about for most of the didn't really feel like christmas but oh well...
I got to skype mommy, and daddy =) back to back and that was great! =D
So yeah...i think thats all??
when i upload the pictures to the computer i'll add them to this post =)

(the tree)

(fire works!)

(host uncle and cousin playing with fireworks =P)

(sofia falling onto the couch laughing xD)

Buon Natale! =D Tanti Auguri a tutti!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is tomorrow?? What!!!!!!?!?!??!

So today is christmas eve...that's like's really weird cause here there no snow and it's like 15 degrees out! I've been eating soooo much food lately haha my host sister is like "have you tired this yet??"
me: "no?"
her: "okay lets buy one!"
for everything!! lol sooo much fooooood!!!
after xmas we've planned to go on a diet hahaha

Yesterday we finished our xmas shopping and spent almost he entire day walking around my feet hurt so bad!!! I was funny, at around 5:30 we got bored so me her and her best friend Augusta went to the supermarket and bought beer and kinder délice (like a cake bar thingy) (i got peach iced tea haha) ...Yes, you can legally walk into a supermarket at 15 and buy a beer =P

After supper we got out xmas presents wrapped got ready to go out.
At about midnight we finally got to "camelot county" which is like a disco/bar/club thing and we were out till like 3ish It was lots of fun =)

Merry Christmas Eve!!

(An xmas tree in the center of the city, it's the street with al the shops =)

(Me and Augusta haha face is much fooooood!)

(my host sister Sofia showing off the crushed beer, and iced tea cans)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

=) New fammmmmillly

So i moved in with my new family finally haha not that i didn't like it at Ludovica's i loved it she was trying to convince her mom to let me stay there haha but they just don't have the room..anyways, I moved in last night around 7ish?? something like that. Before i go into further detail...saturday we went and saw Natale in Sud Africa, an italian comedy which was actually quite funny =) (we was me, ludovica and vincenzo who are both volunteers, vincenzo is my tutor) anyways, yesterday morning i "slept in" and after Ludovica took me to my new school to meet with my english teacher and take a little tour. It's SOOO much nicer than the one in castrovillari haha! After i just hung out for a while and got all my stuff together...then i moved =P

Ludovica and Vincenzo came with me to meet the family, their really nice =) I have a host sister a year younger than me, Sofia, My host mom, Candida, and my host dad i haven't met yet cause he's away for work. I also have a host cat =P it's kinda chubby lol
The house is nice i really like it. It's an apartment were on the 3rd floor, but it's big for an apartment, there's 2 full bathrooms and a big kitchen and a big living room/dining room, an big office and 2 bedrooms =) There's lots of paintings and books. =) Last night i hung out here with sofia and her friend Martina...i think what's been arranged is that i'm going to stay here for 3 months, then at Martina's for 3 months =) She's also really nice and we have a lot in common to =)

Today, i got up and ate breaky, then we got ready and went out with sofia's cousin and he drove us to go get another friend of sofia's, Agosta (idk how to spell it?) and we drove around and went and met some more of their friends, it's funny they all talk to me in english and i answer in italian and their just like you understand italian lol
we went to the Metropolis for lunch (A mall) and they got mcdonalds and i got a panino from some other place it was sooooo good...after 3 1/2 months here...i finally like mayonaise =P (also can't spell that =P) then we window shopped in the mall for a bit and came back home. We just chilled here for a while, and ended up fixing sofia's webcam. At 5:30 we went to an xmas concert for some of their friends singing school (i know this is a horrible sentence but my english writing is diminishing =P) oh when we were ddriving we figured out where the gym (for gymnastics) is! so were gonna go check that out eventually! uhm after the concert we went and did some xmas shopping and then came home and sofia made supper cause her mom is out and her dad is still away. After we ate we had profiteroles (i think thats how its spelt??) lemon and chocolate soooooo goooood!! then we watched tv and then had some gelato!!!! =) and now i'm going to bed =)

Nighty night =)
Happy Holidays!

(P.S. I can't wait till December 30th for my xmas gifts from home!!!! Thanks mommmmmy and dadddddy =D )

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New school =)

This is the website for my new school =)


Okay, so i'm gonna apologiza in advance because this may be a tad longggg....
So, first of i'll update everybody on what i know...which still isn't very much...but at least it's something =) So...currently i'm in cosenza (well actually Rende...but it's basically the same thing...just oter side or the little river)  staying with a volunteer, Ludovica, and her family until tomorrow (monday), When i will move in with my new family =) who i've been told live in the center of cosenza =) (sry for the run on sentence)

okay now to update on the past...i think 4 days??  well i guess 3 since today is the 4th but w/e

Thursday was a SNOWDAY!!!!! yes you heard me right S N O W D A Y!!! it was AWESOME!
We got up and went to school as usual even though we knew it would be closed, because elena wanted to maek sure she got her attendance mark in case it was open =P . We met up with Marta Stefania and Giuseppe...we all laughed when we saw Giuseppe walking towards the school, because he always skips and he chose to come on a snow day haha...anyways, after we waited inside the school with the teachers and like 2 other students we were told we could leave so we went to get breaky! I got a delicious crepe with white chocolate and a hot chocolate...which was more like watered down pudding but it was still good haha. After we walked around and met up with some more people and had a snowball fight =). Then i went and bought me self an early xmas present =) and then we headed over to Marta's to play some wii!
We went back home for lunch and just hung about the rest of the day, and then after supper we went out for a bit with Elsa just walking around and such. It was funny, when we were walking down the road, a car drove by and some guy yelled "AMERICA!!!!!" hahaha turns out it was one of the guys from earlier that day...cause he would either call me bionde (blond) or america =P lol

Friday was also a SNOWDAY! =D we didn't really do anything all day, i mostly got my packing finished up. In the morning we walked to the supermarket for some groceries cause the road was to icy for the car =P. Friday night we had a bunch of people over (Matteo, Giuseppe, Elsa, Chiara, Serena V, Serena R, Giulia, and Marco...i think that was his name?? not sure it was the first time i met him?) and we played wii and foosball =) and had tons of fun! we laughed soo much!

Saturday...yesterday, i got up and finished up the last of my packing, we left around 9:30 and met up with the afs volunteers around 10. At this point i was still out of the loop and didn't know what was going on. So the told me that i'm staying at Ludovica's house till monday she was with them when the came and got me and that monday i would go to my new family. We spent the morning and afternoon driving around to different places because they had to meet with some families of the students who want to do exchanges next year. We got lost twice but it was okay =P. For lunch we came to Rende and went to the Metropolis (the mall) and i got fries and a was SOOOOO good...there was a McDonalds at the mall and it was waaaay fancier than the ones in Canada =P. After lunch was more meeting then finally we got back to Ludovica's house. (she's 19 so she still lives with her parents). Then her mom had to go to the hairdresser so i went and got a hair cut must have been the biggest hairdresser place i've ever seen! it was HUGE like 6 different sections it was crazy...and they tok like 20 mins washing my hair then only like less than 10 to cut it =P haha
when we came back home we watched to soccer game between inter-milan and congo, inter won as always =). Then we went out for pizza and i got a pizza with zucchini, corn, mozzarella, tomatoes, and shrimp =P it was pretty good, but idk it just wasn't very pizza like haha. Then we came back home again and went to meet up with some of Ludovica's friends it was already like 10 by this point...and i was quite happy to be going out this late hahaha. So we met up with 5 people at a pub, they were just finishing their dinner, and when they finished me Ludovica and her friend maria-elena went to another bar, the most exclusive one in Rende (because you can never find anywhere to sit cause it's always so busy!) and ended up meeting like 9 other guys there who they hadn't seen since summer cause they've all been away at university. And we tried to find a place to sit, but we didn't succeed so we hung out outside for a while. The bar/cafe was HUGE!! it had 2 floors, and they sold gelato and pastries and it looked so delicious! Annnnnnyways, after a while Ludovica convinced everyone that we should find somewhere else to go, because it was after midnight and she was hungry =P so we all got back into our vehicles and went to another place in downtown cosenza, we just hung around there some more and by 1 we decided we wanted gelato! so we got back in our vehicles and went and got some gelato at the best gelateria in cosenza! it was soooooo goood! i got a little cup with mint, panna cotta and ricotta gelato! =D after out ice creams were done we all went home cause ti was like 2 am lol and that's what happened yesterday =)

Today so far has been great! I slept in till 9:30 then watched some tv, and had a REAL breakfast!...i'm still full haha i had 2 toast (normal siza like at home not the itty bitty kind they usually eat here) with butter and homemade strawberry jam! and 3 little cookies, and a little cake thing, and a hot chocolate!!! it was great! and then i came to write this...and i'm loving the fact that it's past noon and i'm still in my Pj's!! Later today were probably going to go to the cinema not sure what were gonna see but i don't really care =P

I'm happy =)
here's some photos =)

our snow day crew (me, marta, elena, stefania and giuseppe in the back( 

(YAY snow!)

(my school covered in snow!)

(that's what you get for kicking a tree =P)

(My present!! UGGs!!!!...and some lindor chocolates =)  
(Wii baseball! Elena and Serena R)

(Fooooooosball, matteo, serena V and giulia)

(haircut?? i just got it trimmed, but w/e)


That's it for now =)
I'm not really feeling the christmas feeling?? it's in 6 days...and idk it's just kinda wierd...or that my birthday's in like i think 15-16 days?? or something like that?? it's odd?
Miss everyone, hope your all enjoying the christmas season!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Che la NEVE!!!!!!! =D
There's SNOW!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sta Nevicando!

For those who don't understand's SNOWING!!!!!! =D it made me so happy to see the snow!! it melts as soon as it hits the ground but still!
That pretty much made my day, the only other thing i have to say is that i'm moving on thursday =) i know i'm going to Cosenza =) still don't know anything about my family lol
but i talked to a girl on facebook today who told me that i might be in her class in cosenza!! So i've made a friend even before i've moved! =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm bored, so here's a list =)

By reading the title, you have probably come to the conclusion that i'm bored...and guess what?? Your right! haha woo ain't that exciting! I could be doing homework or studying, but i really don't see the point in that since I only have 2 days left at my current school...

Stuff I miss (other than the obvious, friends and family):
-Canadian School!
-Having a schedule
-Being able to stay out past 11
-Not having to dry my hair
-Being able to walk around bare feet in the house
-Not having free time
-The stars
-Caesar salad
-Not having school on Saturday
-Corn on the cob
-Ice caps
-Tim Hortons in general
-Grilled cheese
-Blueberry jam
-Cereal that isn't chocolate flavoured
-Fruit that isn't oranges, or mandarins
-Being active
-Not having this gross spare tire around my waist!
-My fuzzy (Sheena)
-The cold
-Having water that isn't either to hot or to cold

yes, i know i mentioned it like 4 times, but I'm going a little crazy, I've only been what twice in the past like 3 weeks! I REALLY hope i'll be able to go when I move to Cosenza...if i can't do gym there (like scheduled, not just whenever my host mom can drive me) I will die. I kid you not...i am honestly going to die if I can't do gym! ... ='( I think I'm homesick for Gymnastics...and Gymzone.

... I'm Gymsick =(

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Have a Host Dog!

...that's it haha don't know anything else yet =P

Sunday, December 5, 2010


The lack of a decent title for this post is due to that fact that I don't really have anything much to update on.
Other than the fact that yesterday i went and saw HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! It made me beyond happy, i went with some of my classmates, and got a panzerotti then went to the theater! The movie was AMAZING!!!!! But it was weird to here different voices...Harry's voice was waaaaaaaay to high....and Voldemort didn't sound as evil...but oh well, no problems. And as a plus, i understood almost EVERYTHING! =)

Yup, that's about it, still haven't heard anything else from afs about my new family?? So i'm waiting on that. School's still the same, gym's the same, yeah haha nothing interesting really...oh well i got  amilshake the other day...and it was really good =) haha

miss yous!