Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is tomorrow?? What!!!!!!?!?!??!

So today is christmas eve...that's like's really weird cause here there no snow and it's like 15 degrees out! I've been eating soooo much food lately haha my host sister is like "have you tired this yet??"
me: "no?"
her: "okay lets buy one!"
for everything!! lol sooo much fooooood!!!
after xmas we've planned to go on a diet hahaha

Yesterday we finished our xmas shopping and spent almost he entire day walking around my feet hurt so bad!!! I was funny, at around 5:30 we got bored so me her and her best friend Augusta went to the supermarket and bought beer and kinder délice (like a cake bar thingy) (i got peach iced tea haha) ...Yes, you can legally walk into a supermarket at 15 and buy a beer =P

After supper we got out xmas presents wrapped got ready to go out.
At about midnight we finally got to "camelot county" which is like a disco/bar/club thing and we were out till like 3ish It was lots of fun =)

Merry Christmas Eve!!

(An xmas tree in the center of the city, it's the street with al the shops =)

(Me and Augusta haha face is much fooooood!)

(my host sister Sofia showing off the crushed beer, and iced tea cans)

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