Thursday, November 25, 2010


Soooooooo...two days ago i found out I have to switch 2 weeks...cause on their application, my family had only applied to host me for 3 months, i saw that when i first read their application so I had e-mailed the afs rep in quebec and she said things had already been worked out and they had agreed to host me for 10 months...but apparently thats not the case...So now my afs rep here is looking for a new family for me in his city, Cosenza. I'm pretty sure it's like the main city in southern italy, i've been there twice but only for a little bit. It's big...i think there's like 70,000 people that like there? and there's a gym there =) So hopefully i'll be able to go!
I'm trying to think of this as a good thing, but it's kinda hard, like i wish i would have known sooner...i'm finally starting to really get to know the friends i have here, and now i have to leave them, and make new friends at a new school =S ... oh well, I hope everything is going to work out =)

...and on the bright side, I had a dream partly in Italian last i had one dream in english then one in italian then another one in english lol...But i didn't realise till after the fact haha. It's weird sometimes people talk to me, and then when i think about it...i can't remember if they were talking in english or italian haha

and on another bright side...this Saturday i'm actually for sure going to my friends house and we're going to make pancakes and then go see HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!! =D I'm soooooo excited!!

miss yous!

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