Wednesday, December 22, 2010

=) New fammmmmillly

So i moved in with my new family finally haha not that i didn't like it at Ludovica's i loved it she was trying to convince her mom to let me stay there haha but they just don't have the room..anyways, I moved in last night around 7ish?? something like that. Before i go into further detail...saturday we went and saw Natale in Sud Africa, an italian comedy which was actually quite funny =) (we was me, ludovica and vincenzo who are both volunteers, vincenzo is my tutor) anyways, yesterday morning i "slept in" and after Ludovica took me to my new school to meet with my english teacher and take a little tour. It's SOOO much nicer than the one in castrovillari haha! After i just hung out for a while and got all my stuff together...then i moved =P

Ludovica and Vincenzo came with me to meet the family, their really nice =) I have a host sister a year younger than me, Sofia, My host mom, Candida, and my host dad i haven't met yet cause he's away for work. I also have a host cat =P it's kinda chubby lol
The house is nice i really like it. It's an apartment were on the 3rd floor, but it's big for an apartment, there's 2 full bathrooms and a big kitchen and a big living room/dining room, an big office and 2 bedrooms =) There's lots of paintings and books. =) Last night i hung out here with sofia and her friend Martina...i think what's been arranged is that i'm going to stay here for 3 months, then at Martina's for 3 months =) She's also really nice and we have a lot in common to =)

Today, i got up and ate breaky, then we got ready and went out with sofia's cousin and he drove us to go get another friend of sofia's, Agosta (idk how to spell it?) and we drove around and went and met some more of their friends, it's funny they all talk to me in english and i answer in italian and their just like you understand italian lol
we went to the Metropolis for lunch (A mall) and they got mcdonalds and i got a panino from some other place it was sooooo good...after 3 1/2 months here...i finally like mayonaise =P (also can't spell that =P) then we window shopped in the mall for a bit and came back home. We just chilled here for a while, and ended up fixing sofia's webcam. At 5:30 we went to an xmas concert for some of their friends singing school (i know this is a horrible sentence but my english writing is diminishing =P) oh when we were ddriving we figured out where the gym (for gymnastics) is! so were gonna go check that out eventually! uhm after the concert we went and did some xmas shopping and then came home and sofia made supper cause her mom is out and her dad is still away. After we ate we had profiteroles (i think thats how its spelt??) lemon and chocolate soooooo goooood!! then we watched tv and then had some gelato!!!! =) and now i'm going to bed =)

Nighty night =)
Happy Holidays!

(P.S. I can't wait till December 30th for my xmas gifts from home!!!! Thanks mommmmmy and dadddddy =D )

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