Monday, November 1, 2010



So nothing to exciting happened during the week, just school, and gym, and italian lessons, but nothing overly interesting. On friday we had a class assembly which lasted almost the entire day, about student elections. uhm?? I finally had some cereal haha but my host sister doesn't like special k, so we ended up getting nesquick...yay for chocolate cereal :P (they don't have many varieties here lol...hmm oh i made my self a Peanut Butter and Jam was DELICIOUS! i've had 3 already this week :) ohhhhh! on thursday we went to a school wasn't so much a play, it was basically just people talking about the history of the city...on stage...with some music...but oh well, it was nice to get our and do something on a weekday :) and todaaaay!!! at lunch.....we had MASHED POTATOES!!!!!! I was so excited, i haven't had mashed potatoes since my going away party :( They were good....but i like canadian mashed potatoes better haha

okay so on to Halloween!
The day started out kinda lame, because i had slept horribly due to my stupid nose being clogged from my cold -_-...anyways...i woke up at like 6 and decided to get out of bed at around 7, spent about an hour skyping with my daddio. He's going to have so much fun when he goes to see Justin Bieber bahahaha. When everyone was up, we got dressed and ready for the day, and me and elena spent like half an hour trying to decide what we were going to wear to the halloween party we went to that night :P
So when everyone was finally ready, we drove to Spezzano which is were zia Paula lives (she's the canadian, sh's from Montreal) Her house is GINORMOUS!! It's probably about 5-6 times the size of my house in Canada :O Anyways, we went there to have lunch with the family, there were i think 27 people in total, including the kids. And we ate a 6 course home cooked meal that was soooooo delicious! We had Muscles (i didn't like them, but everything else was good :P), then calamari, then pasta with shrimp and clams, then fish, then another kind of fish, (both which were caught by some of the guys in the family...i think one was a sword fish!) then salad, and then finally dessert! Dessert was a chocolate cake with a creme filling (i got the recipe!), and pastries, and gelato, and fruit! It was sooooooooooooo GOOOOOOD! Lunch lasted from about 2:30-6:00, then we hung around for a little while longer, then we went back to Castrovillari to get ready for the party :) We only had about 20 mins to get ready so we were kind of rushed. We got picked up by one of our friends from school, who drove us to Terranova (it's about 30 mins from here) and we got lost like 3 times on the way there lol
The party was fun, there was pizza, and chips and other snacks, and we all danced and had a ton of fun!
It was funny, because I knew some of the people there from school, but some of the others were from Terranova and when someone else told them I was from canada, and to speak to me slowly they would talk like reeeeeaaaaaalllly sllllllooooooowwwwww and only say one word at a time hahaha and i would tell them i understodd italian but then some of them only spoke dialect....not italian :P Overall it was good, met some new people and actually talked a bit :)

(from left-right: Martina, Natalia, Me, Elena, Matteo, Serena, Vincenzo, and Angela in front)

(Angela & Matteo...they looked the creepiest)

yeah thats about all i have to here has been only 10ish degrees during the day and allot colder at night...but today i'm thinking it's above 20! and the sun is shining so things are good :) I also learn't today that in out yard we had mandarin trees, pomegranate trees, lemon trees, lime trees, and 2 other kinds which i don't know the english name for :P Only other thing i can think of is that i'm sick -_- with a soar throat only lasted a day, but my nose has been clogged for like 3 :( Thankfully...they have this wonderful medicine here that uncloggs my nose in like 15 mins! and it keeps working for about 8 hours! i'm gonna bring some back home with me hahaha

thats it
miss everyone!
hope everything is going great!

(p.s. I heard it snowed?? And that the wind has been a little crazy??

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