Saturday, April 23, 2011

A funny thing about italians =P

So were just about to go grocery shopping so i just threw on some track pants and a t-shirt and put my hair up cause it needs to be washed. I walked out of the bathroom and my host mom is like "are you not coming?"
and i just said..." uhhhhh yeah?"
and she was like "just dressed like that?"
me, "hahaha yeah...we're only going to the grocery store =P"

They are like permanently in that 11 year old sarah phase (only a few of you will get this) they have to look nice every time they leave the house lol

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I failed...once again...there's always chocolate in the house  =(
I'll try again...ooof

Monday, April 11, 2011

Not much

So i don't have to much to say, but i might as well write a bit now before i forget.

Everything here is good =) But i'm starting to get excited to come home (in 90 days!!!!!)
I think i'm over pasta...well not completely...but i've had enough of eating it every day haha even gelato...i just don't really want it anymore haha...brownies on the other hand ;) I don't know why but the other day i got a craving for i told Sofi we should make we bought the ingredients and yesterday we made the most delicious thing ever created by man...better than sliced bread!! We brought them to school today cause we're supposed to be eating "healthy" cause we don't wanna be chubby anymore as of today, i'm eating healthier...for realz this time...i swear (with the exception of "Pasqua" easter...and "Pasquetta" which is like "little easter" i don't really know what it's for but Sofi said were gonna eat lots haha. So there...i said it, it's official, i can't give in this time!

Uhm...hmm what's still school (thank god i'm done in 2 months!) I think i'm going to do my history interrogation tomorrow? we'll see... is amazing, we're supposed to go the ocean soon =) Yay beach! I'm actually sitting on the balcony while writing this and my les are on fire cause i'm wearing dark jeans...probably going to go put on some shorts =)

hmmm...oh for anyone that doesn't know, my host sister and her friend/almost cousin (like me and Jenn), Augusta are going to be coming to Canada this summer!!! To "improve their english" (inside joke) so that'll be fun =)

Idk what else...i'm excited to be going home soon, not that i don't like it here (I love it) and i'm not homesick...but I just can't wait to see everyone again and sleep in my own bed and stuff =)

That's pretty much far as i can remember...?