Thursday, November 25, 2010


Soooooooo...two days ago i found out I have to switch 2 weeks...cause on their application, my family had only applied to host me for 3 months, i saw that when i first read their application so I had e-mailed the afs rep in quebec and she said things had already been worked out and they had agreed to host me for 10 months...but apparently thats not the case...So now my afs rep here is looking for a new family for me in his city, Cosenza. I'm pretty sure it's like the main city in southern italy, i've been there twice but only for a little bit. It's big...i think there's like 70,000 people that like there? and there's a gym there =) So hopefully i'll be able to go!
I'm trying to think of this as a good thing, but it's kinda hard, like i wish i would have known sooner...i'm finally starting to really get to know the friends i have here, and now i have to leave them, and make new friends at a new school =S ... oh well, I hope everything is going to work out =)

...and on the bright side, I had a dream partly in Italian last i had one dream in english then one in italian then another one in english lol...But i didn't realise till after the fact haha. It's weird sometimes people talk to me, and then when i think about it...i can't remember if they were talking in english or italian haha

and on another bright side...this Saturday i'm actually for sure going to my friends house and we're going to make pancakes and then go see HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!! =D I'm soooooo excited!!

miss yous!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clearly I've been slacking

I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks, and well, it isn't because I d haven't wanted to, it's just that i've been kinda busy. I'm going to try and make this short and sweet.

since my last post, I had a cold which lasted like a week and started a gift project.
Last weekend was the chestnut festival in S. agata so we spent the whole weekend there, there were chestnut shells covering the streets,  there were vendors (I bought 2 scarves, chocolate, and some bracelets) They were selling food to (i got a crepe with white chocolate and a homemade sausage on a bun) It was lots of fun, we rode on the bumper cars and listened to an aboriginal play all these different wooden flutes and instruments.

(Some of the booths)

(Me, Elena, and two of her friends from S. Agata)


(Soooooo many people!)

Schools been going pretty good, I understand pretty much everything now. Last week my english teacher was talking to me, and when she left another teacher came up to me and was like "you understood that??" and i said "yes, I speak english" and he had no idea that i was an exchange student =P Not much else is really interesting about school, i've had more homework...well not more...but i've actually been doing my homework lol 

hmmm? I went to one of my friends 17th b-days, we had cake and played wii =) it was fun, we laughed soooooooo much!!!

I've watched two more movies on tv, Step up 2 =) and La Vita e Belle (life is beautiful) which is about the concentration camps is was REALLY good! 

Gym's going pretty good to, last week i was just practicing front walkovers on the floor, and the coach was like...okay come do them on the she spotted some and they weren't all that bad haha. Then she some how convinced me to do back handsprings which were better than i expected =) 

(I made a poppy for Remembrance Day)

and as soon as it comes out in the theater here i'm going to see it with some of my friends!!! I'M BEYOND EXCITED!!! Were going to the movies tonight...but idk what were going to was supposed to be Paranormal Activity...but that isn't playing and Elena doesn't remember what they said were going to see instead =P

Yeah well that's about it...sorry this is so unorganized =P

as always
I MISS YOUUUUUUUUUS!!!!!!!!!! (<---i know that isn't a word...but oh well)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost 2 months =D !! Heyyyyyylo everyone who is reading this...I'm tired...and don't feel like writing a new post but...i've got some time...and if i wait any longer, i'm gonna end up forgetting stuff =P last post was on monday...I think in the afternoon??
Anyways, after i wrote that post, I went out for a walk with my host parents and their friends, and we went and got gelato!! At a music café, I got...chocolate, mango, and fiore di latte =) it was sooooooo goooooood! There were some tv's in the café that were playing music videos and one of Mariah Carry's (not sure if i spelt that right?) videos came on, and it was something about a nerd...i don't know how to explain it...but at one point the guy was sitting at an office desk and she was behind him dancing or something and my host dad was just like "Now thats the kind of secretary i'd like...maybe i'll trade in my old wife for a young girl like her" hahaha of course he was joking but it was hilarious! nothing else happened monday...we went our for pizza =P

Tuesday was another holiday, so we slept in and didn't go to school. We were supposed to all go to S. Agata, but there was a raging tropical thunderstorm going on so only my host parents ended up going.

Wednesday, i went to Cosenza with my host mom to go get my residence permit, but turns out the computers weren't working, so we have a new appointment for the 6th of Decmeber.

Thursday was school..not very exciting...i got an italian test back...and i got a 5 1/2 on it bahaha (marks here are out of 10 =S) but no like getting a 7 1/2 is considered REALLY good...and i think only 1 person in my class got above a 7 so i think i did okay haha. Gym on thursday was pretty good, we did lost of tumbling =)

Friday school was fairly uneventful...i had french all morning, and in one of my french classes (i had a double period) We had a test on "La Chanson De Roland" ...i finished 1 hour early lol...and I re-wrote my little essay thing...because the first one was kinda messy...i think i did pretty good =) Afternoon, we had 3 hours of math -_- ugh...that was boring...because my last period teacher wasn't at school. Friday night we went to the 18th b-day party of one of the girls in my class...before we left for her house, me elena, and stefania stopped at "think tank" (a gift shop) and elena and stefania picked out a was so funny! They got a mug with a picture of a guy in swim shorts on it...and when you put something hot in the mug...his swim shorts disappear  XD hahaha The party was good, we laughed and ate cake and snacks =)

Yesterday school was pretty good =) In the morning, i went and talked to one of the younger classes about canada, and answered questions and showed them some videos and photos. They want me go back again next saturday! (This is good...because it gets me out of physics! ...not that i don't like's just that the teacher thinks that by coming and teaching the lesson from my desk and writing in my book while talking extremely loudly will help me understand better haha) And in the afternoon we had english...and we got our english test back...and guess what i got?????? A 10!!!! lol yay me!
We left for S. agata after lunch because we had another 18th b-day party to go to lol
The party was really nice, it was in a hall, and it was catered. There was soooo much food!!! and like 120 people came to the party!! (my host sister was joking that the all of S. agata was there because it's a small town!) We hung out and talked and ate. They had some slide shows the family and friends had made for the birthday girl and they were really nice...and had some funny photos! We stayed until like 1ish, cause they didn't cut the cake till about 12:30 and then everyone was taking pictures. The cake was really good! well...the one i tried anyways...i think there were 6 or 7 different cakes!!

Today we got up and drove back to castrovillari and went straight to the main street, because the volunteer association "Gli Amici Del Cuore" which my host parents are part of was selling nuts to raise money for heart health research. I talked in french with one of the people that was part of the association...he knows french cause he lived in belgium for a while. After some of our friends from school came by to help, and i ended up talking with 2 of them from like 2 hours!! We laughed soooooo was great! Then we went out for lunch with some of the family and it was DELICIOUS!!! We ate brushetta, and mushroom pasta, and meat, and potatoes, and fruit, and panna cotta!! (panna cotta is a dessert it translates to cooked cream =P's really good!!)

yeah then we came home and now i'm writing this...and i'm tired so i'm going to go get ready for bed =)

Miss youuuussss! <3

Monday, November 1, 2010



So nothing to exciting happened during the week, just school, and gym, and italian lessons, but nothing overly interesting. On friday we had a class assembly which lasted almost the entire day, about student elections. uhm?? I finally had some cereal haha but my host sister doesn't like special k, so we ended up getting nesquick...yay for chocolate cereal :P (they don't have many varieties here lol...hmm oh i made my self a Peanut Butter and Jam was DELICIOUS! i've had 3 already this week :) ohhhhh! on thursday we went to a school wasn't so much a play, it was basically just people talking about the history of the city...on stage...with some music...but oh well, it was nice to get our and do something on a weekday :) and todaaaay!!! at lunch.....we had MASHED POTATOES!!!!!! I was so excited, i haven't had mashed potatoes since my going away party :( They were good....but i like canadian mashed potatoes better haha

okay so on to Halloween!
The day started out kinda lame, because i had slept horribly due to my stupid nose being clogged from my cold -_-...anyways...i woke up at like 6 and decided to get out of bed at around 7, spent about an hour skyping with my daddio. He's going to have so much fun when he goes to see Justin Bieber bahahaha. When everyone was up, we got dressed and ready for the day, and me and elena spent like half an hour trying to decide what we were going to wear to the halloween party we went to that night :P
So when everyone was finally ready, we drove to Spezzano which is were zia Paula lives (she's the canadian, sh's from Montreal) Her house is GINORMOUS!! It's probably about 5-6 times the size of my house in Canada :O Anyways, we went there to have lunch with the family, there were i think 27 people in total, including the kids. And we ate a 6 course home cooked meal that was soooooo delicious! We had Muscles (i didn't like them, but everything else was good :P), then calamari, then pasta with shrimp and clams, then fish, then another kind of fish, (both which were caught by some of the guys in the family...i think one was a sword fish!) then salad, and then finally dessert! Dessert was a chocolate cake with a creme filling (i got the recipe!), and pastries, and gelato, and fruit! It was sooooooooooooo GOOOOOOD! Lunch lasted from about 2:30-6:00, then we hung around for a little while longer, then we went back to Castrovillari to get ready for the party :) We only had about 20 mins to get ready so we were kind of rushed. We got picked up by one of our friends from school, who drove us to Terranova (it's about 30 mins from here) and we got lost like 3 times on the way there lol
The party was fun, there was pizza, and chips and other snacks, and we all danced and had a ton of fun!
It was funny, because I knew some of the people there from school, but some of the others were from Terranova and when someone else told them I was from canada, and to speak to me slowly they would talk like reeeeeaaaaaalllly sllllllooooooowwwwww and only say one word at a time hahaha and i would tell them i understodd italian but then some of them only spoke dialect....not italian :P Overall it was good, met some new people and actually talked a bit :)

(from left-right: Martina, Natalia, Me, Elena, Matteo, Serena, Vincenzo, and Angela in front)

(Angela & Matteo...they looked the creepiest)

yeah thats about all i have to here has been only 10ish degrees during the day and allot colder at night...but today i'm thinking it's above 20! and the sun is shining so things are good :) I also learn't today that in out yard we had mandarin trees, pomegranate trees, lemon trees, lime trees, and 2 other kinds which i don't know the english name for :P Only other thing i can think of is that i'm sick -_- with a soar throat only lasted a day, but my nose has been clogged for like 3 :( Thankfully...they have this wonderful medicine here that uncloggs my nose in like 15 mins! and it keeps working for about 8 hours! i'm gonna bring some back home with me hahaha

thats it
miss everyone!
hope everything is going great!

(p.s. I heard it snowed?? And that the wind has been a little crazy??