Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ginnastica, and some other stuff :)

ALLORA...the main point of this post is to talk about finally starting gymnastics!!! but i'll add in some other random things to, because gymnastics wasn't the only thing that happened this week :P

So uhm tuesday i started gymnastics, i'm going to be going from 4:30-7:30 mon-fri!! except on days when i have long italian lessons, or when i have lots of homework :P So that made me very very happy! Yeah, um anyways, i started gym, and it went pretty good....but i'm so out of shape :( it's very very disappointing but i know i'll be back to my normal self eventually haha. I'm the oldest at the gym in the competitive group, the next oldest are 2 girls who i think are in grade 8?? i'm not 100% sure though.. just know they're in the same class, and the aren't in high school yet. i think there's 4 more girls in the group who are younger, like between 9 and 11?? I was really surprised at how good some of them are! One of the "older" girls is really good. 

okay so before i continue on about that,  i'm just going to give a short briefing on the gym basically....the whole gym is about that size of a normal competitive floor... lol They have a normal beam and a low beam, and for vault they use mats. The bars are...interesting...they aren't full size, but they aren't kids bars or anything that small...and they bounce allot...I feel like they're going to snap when i use them haha uhm...floor is 2 strips of like the floor rolls we use as the vault runway...but they're as wide as a normal floor strip, and there's foam under them. they also have like kid size exercise machines, and a trampoline (which only the little kids can use because the ceiling isn't that high :P) So the gym itself is kinda iffy :P but the rest is really nice, like the change rooms and bathrooms are all bright colours and there's benches and coat racks and the sinks are really cool, the look kinda modern :) anddd!!!....THERE'S SHOWERS!!!!!!!! hahaha wooooooo!

Allora...back to what I was saying so the fact that the gym is well uhm, not the nicest is why i was really surprised at how good one girl is! on beam...she does back handsprings (here they call them flics), and back tucks!!! and on bars, he mount is uhm...i don't remember what its called...but it's like a kip, but you bring your feet through and end up almost sitting on the bar! And on vault she's working Yurchenkos! and on floor i have no idea how she manages to do it on the floor they have but she does whip, back handspring back tuck! Yeah so i was pretty amazed and i watched her floor routine and it's pretty much amazing haha and her music is Pirates of the Caribbean! and the first thing she does in her routine is back handspring, back arial or layout step out w/e you call it but yeah idk it made me happy to be back in the gym, and be able to watch something i could look forward to learning. Its funny a lot of times the coach will be working with one of the younger ones one beam (she's been doing beam routines) and we'll be doing conditioning and everyone will start fooling around and this one girl is just like "GUYS WE NEED TO KEEP WORKING...STOP RUNNING AROUND!" it's funny because she's really tiny and she acts like a coach :P oh and i managed to do some back tucks, which surprised me :P and some other stuff :P

Allora..."other stuff" 
well this week, we didn't really have school after tuesday, because there's something called "occupatione" going on? so the students are having "Autogestione" which is basically, we get the first floor of the school and do what we want, the first day we made new classes (ie: dance class, singing class, impersonation class, ect ect ect) It was funny, I was in impersonation class lol. The next 2 days we didn't go to school, because we thought it would be better to sleep in and study :) and yesterday we went to school, but we didn't do anything, we just walked around and played "doctor" outside (the game where you hold hands in a circle, then mix yourselves up and have to try and get back to being a circle again) 

hmm? more other? I had more italian lessons and i've been bringing my italian literature homework, so my teacher can help me understand lol, i'm learning about Ludovico Ariosto and italian poet.  My italian is slowly getting better :)

Yesterday in my opinion was a great day, we went to school late, and left at 10:30 haha then we went to S. Agata for lunch and stayed for a bit that afternoon. Then we came back home got ready, and ate supper. We went out a around 8:30 and it was actually kinda nice out, not to cold, i think it was like 15? We walked around and i bought some candy from the candy store :P they have something like "pop rocks" here, but after they pop...they turn into gum! We met up with some other people and walked around some more. And I went BY MYSELF and bought a gelato!!! it was caffe and Panna Cotta...sooooo soooo gooood! panna cotta is my new favourite flavour of gelato! Then we met up with some more people and walked and hung around via roma. I actually talked in italian a bit, it was funny, one girl started talking to me normal, and then without realising, just started talking like crazy fast and i was just like... :S huh? haha it was a funny moment :P 

(me and my host sister with our candy)

(Fizzy Pazzy, pretty much pop rocks, but they turn into gum!)

Today i woke up early (like everyday...because no matter what time i go to sleep at...i wake up 8 hours later...and usually lay in bed for 1-2 hours because no one else is up yet...because it only like 6:30-7:30 lol) anyways i got up and showered and got ready and we went out for Vibo...which is about 2 1/2 hours drive away, it's on the OCEAN! it was really pretty and before we ate we walked around for a bit on at the docks and took some pictures...(i'll add them in once i upload them onto the computer) On the way there, i was teaching my host dad english (he wants me to talk to him in english for 1/2 hour everyday :P) yeah so "lunch" was interesting lol we went to a really nice restaurant (my host dad said it was famous! (don't remember what it was called :S) and it lasted...3 hours! there were SIX COURSES!!!!! I have never been so full in my life! there was a small first course with like gravy and a little tiny mouth full of meat, second (for me i chose the meat meal instead of the fish one) was prosciutto and salad, 3rd was veggies in a pepper and tempura potato/mushroom thing, 4th was ravioli with like spinach, 5th was meat with cheese and gravy (this was my favourite part...even though i couldn't finish it because i was so full), and 6th was dessert. I got a tiny (about 1/3 of a scoop) of fiore del latte gelato...soooo delicious (now also one of my favourites!) and it was in what i thought was a conish thing and i took a bite and it almost tasted like those sticky cookies they have at chinese restaurants?? then i looked at it and was like ummm?? :S what is this turns out it was walnuts (or almonds i'm not sure what they said) in a sugar thing.... :S but on the bright didn't bother me! so i don't know if that's because i only had a tiny bite...or if i'm no longer allergic to them!! yeah after lunch we left and stopped in Cosenza on the way home cause my host dad had a presentation of a childrens book he wrote like 6 years ago at a new library, and then we came home and yeah that's it :)

(The Bay in Vibo)

(Left-right: My host dad, Giovanni, My host mom, Marilena, Wife of my host dad's friend, My host dad's friend)

(The girl on the right is my host dad's friend's daughter)

nothing much else to say? 

My list of accomplishments for this week:
-finally figured out how to snap my fingers!
-also finally figured out how to put eye liner on the top lol without it looking like a complete fail :P
-went into an Gelateria and bought myself a gelato! (Caffe and Panna Cotta!!! SOOOO GOOOD!) 
-First inside joke! (it's VOLDEMORT!) (not counting all the ones from the camp)
-actually spoke in italian with someone
-understood an entire story about Voldemort XD

yupp..that's it for now

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