Wednesday, September 29, 2010


...I posted yesterday...but i'm going to post again today, just because it was so wonderful!
So this morning, was a normal morning, got up at 7, got ready for the day (made pretty good time :P)
and went downstairs to make breakfast...where i put my toast in the toaster...and waited 3 mins...only to realize my toast...wasn't toasted...because the toaster wasn't plugged in lol
SOOO, i plugged in the toaster and waited another 3 minutes for my toast, which came out toasted...YAY!!! it was some pretty delicious toast :) (with cherry marmelata...which is jam)

then i went back upstairs and we left for schoool
which was better than usual...actually, today was i think my favourite day of school so far :D
because i started my new program, so i didn't have to sit threw the classes were i understand absolutely nothing!  So, for my first class, i had italian grammer, so i went to another classroom which i think had first year students...but i'm not 100 % sure, they were all very excited that i was in their class (i go every wednesday and monday, for 1 hr) it was odd, because they had no empty desks, so i had to sit in the teachers desk at the front of the class :P .  i understood a bit, it wasn't very interesting, they were just correcting work. so after the hour was over i went back to my normal class and had  "studio autonomo" ...which is basically a study period...except i'm in my normal there is a class going on (it was philosophy) so i just don't pay attention and do other work :P i have 6 of these every week, which i think is a bit much, but i'll see how it goes, and if i find i'm getting bored i'll ask my tutor if i can participate in a class :)

after my study period, i had french...and as most people know...i'm not a big fan of french but now...i think french is my FAVOURITE CLASS!!! :D the main reason being because i understood EVERYTHING the teacher was talking about hahaha, it made me quite happy :) we were talking about french literature (unlike the english teacher who doesn't speak fluent english...this teacher speaks fluent french :D ) and it's neat because here when the study languages, the don't just study grammer like in canada, the also study literature, and culture and history :) I liked this class allot, everyone was very nice, even though i was like 2 years younger than everyone :P and they all wanted to meet me (shake my hand) they all wanted me to sit beside them, but i ended up sitting in the middle of an aile because there were no room for more desks. over all...i loved this class :)

after that we had break...and i tried to buy plain M&M's but the vending machine gave me Peanut ones?? they were just as good so i didn't mind :) then i went outside and hung out with some ppl from my class and a few other ppl, and turns out one of them is african haha, he doesn't really look african but oh well :P they all proceeded to say things about him being african (in english) like "he is black :P" (even though is isn't even close to being black :P) and then he kept saying "i am AFRICA!" lol i thought i was pretty was on of had to be there moments :P

after break we had italian,  and we had a different teacher cause out normal teacher's husband is sick so she's away for 15 days. and she didn't really know what she was doing, so for most of the class everyone just explained what we had been doing in class and stuff

we got out at 1:10 and came home, we had spaghetti for pranzo and it was delicious as always :) and i had this meat roll in tomato sauce thing...cause the other thing my host mom had made had melanzana  (egg plant) in it so i couldn't eat that. but the meat roll thing was good haha :) it was funny, we were almost done eating and the tv was on in the background and all the sudden the simpsons theme song came on, and my host brother, Francesco, leaped out of his chair saying "I SIMPSON!!!!! :D :D" and ran to the couch hahaha it was quite funny :P

after lunch we hung around for a bit, then elena went to driving school and me, my host mom, and my other host brother, Antonio, went to the "centro commerciale" to go to "Auchan" (the name of the grocery store) because antonio wanted to get some food and stuff to bring back to his house or dorm idk which at university. So we were there for about an hour, they have lots of different things, there is like an entire aisle for pasta, and one for pastery snacks (like fruit or nutella filled croissants, or little cake things) and yeah it wasn't to differant from american/canadian grocery stores, but they have like a way bigger section for cheese, and meat lol, and they sell wine and beer and coolers and stuff. while we were there, i got some groceries of my own so that tomorrow i can bake CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!! i'm very very very excited :) anyways back to were i was going...sooooo, after we left the grocery store we stopped at an appliance store so antonio could get not sure what? and as we were checking out, he did a double take and saw this little red kids chair that was in the shape of a he  turns around and runs and sits down in the chair...testing it out to see if it's comfortable lol i laughed
and then we came back home, and i went on the computer for a bit, then ran on the tredmill for 20 some minutes, then had a shower, then ate supper (salad and i think steak?? but it wasn't as thick?) and some GELATO :) oh how i love gelato :)

oh and we got a call from afs today, and i'm starting my italian lessons tomorrow!!! :D :D thanks goodness !!!! haha it's from 3-6 :) and then when i'm done, i'm going to make my chocolate chip cookies :D :D eeeeeeh i'm excited!!!!

haha thats all for now :)
peace :)

just as a side host brothers are 22 and 23 lol :P
and they are AWESOME!
and so is my host sister :D
and my host parents :D :D (and my host dad comes back from canada next week!!! i'm excited to ask him what he thought about it!!!!)

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