Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've already been here for 2 weeks!!!!! ahhh so crazy
okay so this post won't be long cause i only have to update for 4 days :P

so, saturday, was school haha woooooo...not -_- it rained off and on all day,  and nothing was very exciting, i bought a mars bar, on our break...i used to be obsessed with mars bars....but there kinda differant here...they're smaller and soooo much more sweet, like i took one bite of it and it was like WAAAAH!!! lol. uuuum after school, we went home, and i did some homework and read for a bit, then Elena went to the beautician, so i went with my host parents to run some errands (pick up some stuff at the grocery store, and buy a new luggage bag for my host dad, cause he left for CANADA this morning!) then we went home and me and elena got ready to go out :P everyone here get's like dressed up, well not really dresses up but they wear nicer clothes and high heels and lots of makeup to go out on saturday nights lol? idk i just wore normal clothes :) yes, so anyways, at 8:15ish, we left, and walked to tiffany cafe, it was actually pretty cold out :S and then we just hung out there for like 1 hr with a bunch of people, because one person couldn't come till 9:30, then a few of us walked to the pub, for supper, and waited some more, so by the time we actually got our orders, it was like 10:00!!! i was soooo hungry, i got the same thing i got last saturday, but i changed the mustard for ketchup :)!  After we were done, some of my friends proceeded to teach me all of the italian swear words haha, but i can't remember a single one lol after we left the pub, we walked around for a bit, and met up with some more ppl. and then eventually we went home

Sunday, ahh sunday. well sunday started out pretty decent, and it almost ended pretty decent...but it didn't...but i will get to that in a bit.
okay so sunday morning...i slept in...till 8 haha woooo then we had breakfast

and got ready for the day. Jut like last sunday...we drove to S. Agata and visited then went to church then ate lunch (homemade gnocchi...my new love!) and watched some tv, then did some homework...visited some more...and then came back home. oh but on the way back we stopeed at a mall, and picked up some groceries and some supper!

(Castrovillari from the "autostrada"...the highway)

(it had been raining the day before so when we left for S. Agata sunday morning, the sun was breaking thru the clouds, it was so gorgeous!! I took this with my phone because i didn't have my camera on me)

(on the way to S. Agata)

it was late by the time we got back, so we chilled some more and got ready for bed.
and i skyped my mom for like an hour haha, and the day was all good, and i was just about to go to bed...when (this is were is stopped being decent) ...my host mom got a phone call saying that her uncle had died :( ...so we grabbed some pj's and essential stuff (toothpaste, socks etc.) and headed back out for S. Agata.

The next few days, were very quiet, we stayed in S. Agata until this evening (tuesday) not much to report, i just sat around the house for most of the time, because they would go to another house to see family members, but i didn't know anyone, and i felt as though i would be intruding if i went...
lucky i happened to bring a book with me, so i spent a good 5-6 hours reading, spent a lot of time watching tv as well, i was very excited to see that there is going to be CSI Miami in italian haha :P
the only exciting thing that happened, well i don't even really think it was exciting, but it was something...was that yesterday and today i went for a walk and explored the ancient part of the city! it isn't very big, but it's so beautiful!!! the streets are so small and there are tunnels and stuff, and one tunnel leads to these old concrete stairs down the side of the mountain, that lead down to a park and a soccer field!!  and this area being on the side of the mountain, overlooks this gorgeous valley, and you can see a   for ever!! it's my favourite thing about S. Agata! :D

(out the window from the 4th floor of my host g-ma's house in S. Agata)

yeah, so i think that about it...? i haven't been at school this week but i was supposed to start my new program thingy so i guess i'll see how that goes tomorrow!

oh and i met my other host brother because the 2 of them came down for the funeral :) ...okay...i think thats all lol

imma go sleep :) goodnight world :)

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