Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm HERE!!!

okay i have absolutely no desire to write a blog post right not but w/e i have some time so i'm going to!
umm okay i don't  know where to start i guess with the flight over here? well it was boring, i watched karate kid :P it was pretty funny, and then i tried to sleep but couldn't :P
i had a boring like 4 1/2 hour layover in London, which i spent walking around...i ended up bying a smoothie, some werther's chcolates....SOOOO GOOOD, and a new cheap iphone case, cause mine was kinda dying :P About 30 mins before the flight to rome...i finally managed to find the other canadaian exchange students lol then we flew to rome. (yes i'm 100% aware that that was about the worst run on sentence ever written but w/e) The guy i was sitting beside was really nice, he was going to rome for school, he's from the US and it's his third year in rome he was studying to be a priest type person i don't remember what it is called but yeah, once we landed we waited for 4 hours at the airport for more exchange students then took a bus to the hotel outside rome...i almost died i had to pee so bad and there was no bathroom on the bus -_-

(The canadian exchange students...minus Mikeala, she was on a later flight. None of us had a readily available canada flag, and 4 out of the 6 of us were from quebec lol so we used that flag :P)

when we arrived we ate supper and met a whole bunch of other ppl :) they were all great then went to our rooms and slept ;)
umm saturday we had orientation it was pretty good but long and hot
saturday night we had a welcome ceremony and then hung out some more
the yesterday (friday)
i got on the bus at 5:30 -_- ugh and then got on the bus here around 8:00 it was long (about 6 hours) but it was sooooo beautiful!!!!! i arrived in castrovillari around 2 and came to the house (i love it, it's gorgeous!! :D) and we had lunch, we laughed allot because of communication problems, at one point my host sister was reading the questions that i was supposed to ask my host parents and she asked me what she should call me mother, father, or like by name and me and my host brother burst out laughing and then she clued in and we all laughed for like 5 mins straight!!
after lunch i unpacked my stuff and then me and my host sister went to meet some of her friends. We went to a bar (a bar here is = to a café in canada) and i got some gelato...yummmmmmm :) er friends are all very funny, they asked me lots of questions about canada and we laughed a lot :)
then we went home and had supper with a bunch of the families friends it was delicious, as is all the food :D we had pasta, and salad, and these balls made from mozzarella and milk and bread and a bunch of other stuff! oh and i think nectarines are my new favourite fruit they are so amazing here every single one is soo deliciously juicy!!
after supper we watched miss italia then went to bed,
and TODAY!!! i started school! i was much better than i expected!! everyone is exremly nice and i actually understood a bit :P i had double maths, then double english (i am goign to ace this class haha i corrected eveyones work :P) and then double italian (no idea what went on here haha everyone talked waaaaaay tooooo fassssst lol
then we came home and ate lunch more pasta!!!! and grapes which were yummmy :)
then elena went to her driving class and i'm here :)
so thats it, i'll probably try and post every week or 2 but no garuntees :P
tomorrow i am going to by school supplies, and get my residence permit, and a cheap phone, and open a bank account :) and at school we have physics :S haha
ciao a tutti!
(picture I took on the bus ride from Roma to Castrovillari) 

(living room)

(house from the back)

(view from my room :D )

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