Sunday, October 3, 2010

3 Weeks :)

okay i don't really feel like writing this right now...but i have time, so i might as well :P
so uhm nothing to much to report so i'll just make a list

Italian Lessons:
My italian lessons didn't start on thursday like they were supposed to because the girl that was going to  be my teacher was a university student, and apparently my teacher has to be an actual teacher (like in a school) but they've found another teacher and i'm supposed to start my lessons tomorrow :) i'm going to have 3, 3 hour lessons every week, so in total i think it's going to be like 40 hours of something :)

Gymnastics: okay so now that we have my lessons sorted out, were going to go to the gym tomorrow, or tuesday...i can't remember what day i can register :D i'm so happy, to finally get back in the gym, it's been waaaaaaaaay to long!!

Choco chip cookies:
so i made my cookies :) and they are delicious!!! they taste like home :D and my host family loves them!!
i put some pictures of them on facebook, and one of my host brothers called to ask if they were good hahaha :P

(Balls of cooookie dough)

(tehehe yumm :)

(the final product)


school has been pretty good, we've finally figured out a schedule that works :)
i'm going to be taking; Physics, Math (geometry & algebra), english, italian (literature and culture and stuff), Italian (grammar), science (biology & chemistry), Philosophy/history, Phys Ed. , French (literature & history), french (grammar),  History of art, and religion. Throughout the week, i also have 7 study periods :P one of which i will have access to a computer :)
Yesterday, we almost didn't have school because someone had filled the keyhole for the front gate with some kind of cement :P but they only filled one of the keyholes, sadly there are 2 :( so we had to go to school. I was in a few other different classes this week, and everyone has so many questions :P I've also been invited to 2 other classes to do a little presentation on canada :)
oh and i got about 1/2 of my textbooks, and my tutor is getting the other 1/2 :)

i've been doing more homework, but i don't understand a lot of it. Math for example makes no sense ... what so ever -_- ugh, hopefully i'll be able to catch on eventually. Same thing goes for chemistry lol :P

food here is still amazing!! one of my new favourites, is fried mozzarella!!!! it's soooooooo sooooooooo AMAZING!!!! haha. i love the potatoes to!! they look like scalloped potatoes (which i hate) but they taste like french fries!!!! yummmm :) and the other day we had these ham and cheese patties and they were also amazing!!! i just am in love with italian food!!! and i've been trying lots of new stuff...a few days ago for lunch we had this seafood pasta and there were little squids in it :P they weren't half bad :P

-Yesterday we went out after lunch instead of at night, and i had a gelato with whip cream i was delicious!!! then we walked around for a while and just hung out
-Yesterday...i also had my first ride on a SCOOTER!!!! it was awesome, they go so fast, and you just squeeze past cars :D
-i don't know if i've posted this already...but form the 14th-17th of this month, i'm going to a afs camp with all the other exchangers in northern Calabria!!  i'm excited to see some of the ppl i met at the orientation! and to miss school :P
-my host dad came back from canada, he said it was very beautiful (he was in vancouver) but the food wasn't that great. The fact that in canada we eat big breakfasts then supper is like pasta, fish and then thats it lol :P he brought back a bunch of "canada" pens and he bought these little bags for me and Elena, they're very cute :)

(This is my caffe gelato with cream :)

(My host sister Elena on the right and some friends at the "tiffany cafe")

I think thats all for now? 
nothing else exciting, i'm not feeling all that great, not sure what wrong?? but my stomach is like a balloon, i just keeps getting more and more bloated :( I really hope this isn't going to be a repeat of St. Donat....

i miss yous!!

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