Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I leave in 9 days :S and some other random stuff :)

okay so, i was just reading my posts and realized i've left a few things out, such as
- like a month ago i went down to toronto to go see PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!!! and it was totally amazing, we actually got to see it twice :O

(concert on the 2nd night)

(Live & Let Die)

-While we were in toronto, we spent 2 days shopping at the eaton center, and i got my laptop! and some other clothes, and a new carry on bag, i like it it's a puma bag, my mom doesn't think it's big enough but i do :)
-also while i was in Toronto i went and applied for my visa, which was basically standing in a line outside for 2 1/2 hours -_-
- i only have 2 shifts left at work :) & :(
- oh my ankle is almost totally better, i can run on it now, but i still can't jump 
-I had my going away party on the weekend and it was tons of fun, we laughed allot and ate some delicious food :) i'm really going to miss everyone :(

(Awesome cakes and my friends who i'm going to miss so much!)

(Bon fire)

-i never got to go to gym on thursday cause my ride got messed up and someone else ended up driving, but i'm going today and i'm also going to see a movie and have my gym friends over! :D
okay so thats the random stuff part of this post...
now the i leave in 9 days part :P
i found a topic thing in an exchange forum about all the stuff you're going to miss about home and your host country, so here's my list :)
1. My Friends, every single one of them
2. My Family
3. My puppy,
4. My bed, and its comfyness
5. My coaches
6. Tim Hortons 
7. Ice caps from tim Hortons :P
8. Snowmobiling
9. peanut butter
10. School Sports
11. all this talk about KD has made me realize that even though i don't eat it that often, I think i'm going to have to get my parents to ship some over haha
12. summer :)
13. competitively (for gymnastics)
13 1/2. competing 
14. SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!!! but i might get to go!! :D
15. My job (at DQ lol) and the people i work with
16. My other job (at the gym) and all the little kids i coach 
17. probably having a room to myself
18. having teachers who act like teenagers and do stupid things just to make us laugh (ie: yelling into a sink in the science lap to tell the teacher in the other lab something, and making fun of immature guys :P)
19. SNOW!!!
20. being able to blast music in the bathroom while i take ridiculously long showers when my parents aren't home
21. playing monopoly with my friends at 3am and quitting because we've already been playing for 3 hours :P
22. Going to camp and staying up watching the stars
23. The painful hugs i get from my friends every time i go to gym 
24. living in a small town where i can stay out as late as i want as long as my mom knows where i am 
25. maple syrup
26. going sledding at night :P
27. My house
28. English
29. Sudbury
30. & Espanola

even though there are allot of things i'm going to miss, i think i worry more about, okay this is kind of hard to explain but i'm going to try) I worry more about what i'm going to miss, than the things i'm going to miss. I mean that so much is going to happen this year, and i'm going to miss out on it, i know that it will be totally worth it in the end, but at this point in time, i feel like i'm just going to miss everything, and i'm going to come back and be totally out of the loop, everyone is going to have amazing stories, and laugh about everything that went on, and i'm just going to sit there, like a loner cause i'll have no idea whats going on :S
yeah so thats whats running through my head at the moment :P 
I'm suprisingly not nervous? i don't really know why lol it just seams like it isn't real like this isn't really going to happen? yeah so thats pretty much it? i leave in 9 days, and i have 7 left at home :'( i'm going to miss everyone and everything so much, i've never really taken the time to appreciate my small town, but now that i'm leaving it seems like my small town is great, even though we always say it sucks cause there is nothing to do. I love that you can walk from one end of town to the other in under an hour, and that you can walk around at night and not see a single person, i'm going to miss late night timmies runs, and the smoothies at mack's milk, and basically everything about this town, i think the only thing i'm not going to miss, is the stink that makes it's way through town every time the wind changes directions :P

okay well this is probably going to be like my second last post at home :S ahhhhhh haha so thats all, i'll make sure i post at least one more time before i leave :)
Ciao at tutti :)

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