Friday, September 24, 2010

So, i'm going to need to post more than once a week :)

...because well you see, i forget things to easily haha so as of today, i have officially been in italy for 2 weeks, thats right, to entire weeks ahh , it only feels like it's been a few days!!!
i still love it here, and in these 2 weeks i haven't eaten the same thing more than once, there is just so much amazing food!!! (today we had linguini with these little clam things and it was soooo delicious, and the spaghetti here it like 10000000000x better than in canada haha, and the grapes are sooooo much better to...minus the fact that they aren't seedless :P)

hmm well i guess i don't have to much to say for this week, school has been pretty much the same i'm understanding a little bit more everyday...this week i actually handed in something for italian class :) and today in math class i went up to the board and solved an equation :) (with a little help from the teacher...cause i haven't done math in like 7 months :S) hmm what else about school...oh in gym class this week I beat everyone (tied the guys) doing push ups haha and i was the only girl that did them properly :P
....ummm well i don't think my bio teacher likes me...she thinks i'm incomphetant (cant spell that word :P) and doesn't want me in her class...but to bad for her!! hmm? on i think wednesday, my tutor (the english teacher) gave me this book called "italiano facile" (easy italian) and i've been using that, i've already done like 10 pages of work out of it, it's mostly grammer and stuff but it helps

this morning, we went to school at the normal time, but then when the bell rang for the first class i went to the bar "tiffany" with some other ppl from my class because our first period teacher wasn't we didn't have to be at school :) i bought a croissant with marmalde for colazione (breakfast) it was good, then we walked back to school. as a side pretty sure my philosophy teacher is mentally unstable, he mostly shouts, and his eyes go all buggy and stuff idk it's very strange but he makes everyone laugh so i guess it okay :P we actually got to leave school 1 hr early cause our last period teacher was gone to, so i only had 4 hours of school today!!! WOOOO! haha this pretty much made my day, because i was under the impression we had a class the last hour, but the bell rang and everyone pack up their stuff and left, in my mind i was just like "huh?? WHOOOOOO YES!!!!!!" hahaha

when i got back to the house we ate and then watched some tv, elena went to drive school and i did some work out of my "italiano facile" book. when she came back i got her to show me how to work the tredmill, and i ran for like 25 mins (the length of a tv show on my computer :P) i was pretty happy, considdering i didn't even stop once :D and i wasn't out of breath or anything....idk why but i find running on a treadmill so much easier...i think it's because it makes me keep a constant pace :)
also today i met one of te family's friends who believe it or CANADIAN!!! haha she's really nice and told me if i ever wanted to talk to her about anything just to get elena to give me her number :) (she's the only person i've met here you can speak fluent english haha, it was weird to here someone talk english without a thick accent :P

umm oh last night we went out for supper at a restaurant owned by a family friend and it was really good, the way they served the food was like gourmet, there was a salad with some kind of meat, and this zuchini goop stuff (it was actually really good) and ham with melon (honeydew) and for dessert i had this milk cream think with strawberry was delicious!

tonight, we went out for pizza!! again, but at a differant place, the pizza was so amazing!!! and they had pizzas that were litteraly 2 1/2 feet long and like 2 feet wide!!!! it was crazy!!!

umm hmm oh tv, here tv is something you must watch daily, there is no was around it, my favourite shows far are "le simpsons" "big bang theory" (in italian of course) , "io canto" (which is kinda like american idol, but it's all kids that sing and they are all really good, some of them are only like 6 :O) eeeeerrrrrmmmmm what else?? ....oh lol here there are a lot of really crapily filmed soap operas on alll the time lol and ppl actually like them (like i could have filmed half of them with my dad's video camera, idk i just don't like the way soap operas are filmed in general...?

and speaking of tv...guess who was on one of the only 5 italian channels?? MY HOST DAD!! he was on some news show for like 1 hr doing an interview and answering caller questions all about "heart health" i thought it was pretty kool :)

okay well i'm going to go to bed, i'll post again sooooooon
i miss everyone....and peanut butter :P sheena i miss you tooo!
okay buona notte!

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