Thursday, September 9, 2010

So, well i guess this is it, my last post from Canada :)

Okay so i'm going to try and work backwards, to what has happened since my last post :)

8 days ago: -I went to the gym for the last time, and said goodbye to all my coaches :'(
-I went and saw "the switch" in theaters
-Then my friends from the gym came over
-We watched "diary of a wimpy kid"

7 days ago: -We all went swimming at white fish falls
-Then went home and ordered some pizza
-Then we went out for a bit and came back and watched "the back up plan" & "the spy next door"

(pics from White fish falls)

6 days ago: -We got up early and drove everyone back to sudbury
-Then I had to say goodbye to everyone :'(
-Then I went to chapters and got some books (thanks daddio)
-Then we drove home and i ate supper and watched "sherlock holmes"

5 days ago: -I hung around the house all morning
- Then i went to work for the afternoon
- then jenn came over and we hung out and she stayed over

4 days ago: - I had my going away party with the family :)
-i spent a few hours on my trampoline with my little cousin
-and we had a delicious supper!
-then everyone left except 3 of my friends
-we walked to timmies, and i had an ice capp and thought i was going to die because i was soooo full lol
-We went home and ended up staying up until 5:30 am haha

(Family going away party-me, my friends, and my cousin...isn't the best picture but oh well)

3 days ago: - We slept in
-then we drove them all home and i had t say goodbye yet again :'(
-when i got home, my boss called and said i didn't have to go in to work because it was so dead (probably because it was a dreary day and it was only like 15 degrees)
-jenn came over and helped me finish my packing, and then she went home sometime after supper

(Saying goodbye to Jenn)

2 days ago: -i got up early and went to school
-I said good bye to one of my friends
-I shadowed tara all day, we had drafting, then business, then art, lunch and religion :P
-we laughed lots and all in all i think it was a pretty good day :)
-then i said goodbye to everyone...yet again, and hopped in the car with my mom
-we picked up my rings at the jewellers
-then we drove off to Tonronto! (but we stopped along the way to get french fries, and a blizzard :P)
-we got to my cousins around 9 and we just hung out and then went to bed

(Saying goodbye to Tara, after my first/last day of school)

yesterday: - i got up and we hung around the house for the morning
-then we drove to vaughan mills and went to bass pro shop (and got some dippin dots :)
-we came back to oakville and went to the spa :) :) :) :) and got a facial and a massage :D
-after that i ate a chocolate...that had hazelnuts in it  so i didnt so anything else for the next 2 hours :(
-by 7:30 i was feeling better to me and my mom went to the mandarin for supper and i was delicious! and i had lots of dessert!
-we came back and my mom decided to reorganize me bags, so by midnight she was finished and we went to bed.

today: -i woke up, and had toast
and at 10:45 i'm going to get a haircut :)
-then were going to go visit my great aunt
-and then we're going to the keg for supper!
-Then to the airport!
-and at 7:55 .... I"M OFF!

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