Sunday, September 19, 2010

So, i've been here a week :)

and i still think it's absolutely incredible!!!
idk i don't have to much to say, school is still good, we get out early on wednesday, thursday and saturday
(early is at 1) the other days (monday, tuesday and friday) we get out at 2 :)
i did some homework for the first time on friday :P i did some math and my english hmwrk it wasn't to bad, but math took a while cause i had to translate everything with google :P

uuhmm i bought a cheapy phone this weak its a red samsung?
i also went to the post office and mailed out my residence papers
and i went swimming on friday and saturday, everyone here thought i was crazy cause it was "to cold" to be swimming (it was like 27 or something?)

yesterday...saturday we went to the pub....for supper and got some paninos they were very good (as is all the food here !) we eat pasta everyday!! its awesome and i've been trying lots of new stuff, its weird here when they cook fish they cook the whole thing then when you go to eat it you have to cut off the tail and the head???

(A picture one of my friends took at the pub, left to right-Elsa, Giuglia (not sure if that's spelt right haha but it's pronounced Julia), Me, Elena (my host sister), & Chiara (pronounced kiara))

today we went to S. Agata (pronounced San tagata) it was so beautiful its like the itly you see in the movies the narrow streets and all the houses were close together! it was in the mountains and i loved it, we went to church, which is basically the same as in canada, just more talking and less singing and well it was church and as most ppl not a big fan :P but w/e i'll survive :) it was really pretty the ceiling was all decorated and the walls were all stone :)

(A street in the historical part of S. Agata)

(view from on of the streets in S. Agata)

(In the car near S. Agata, it's pretty high up haha)

(on the drive back from S.Agata, a city up on a mountain) 

hmm idk what else to say so here's some random stuff:
-here the toilets are square
-there is a vedé or w/e its called in almost every bathroom
-food is very cheap (like i paid 4 euos when we went out for supper) and jeans are like 20 euro
-there are lots of nice stores (castrovillari is a city of like 20, 000 i think and they have a Dolce & Gabbana)
-everyone is very nice
-there is a building for "crazy" people
-there are lots of "crazy" people :P
-on saturday nights everyone goes out to the pubs, bars and via roma
-everyone wears skinny jeans, no matter how hot it is (the odd few ppl wear other pants)
-apparently i eat allot :P (today my host mom said "you need to eat more so that when you go back home your mom will say you have gotten smaller" haha i thought this was quite funny :P
-most people here aren't overly fit haha i'm the 3rd fastest in my class, i was only beaten by a guy and a girl who is close to 6 feet :P
-they watch lots of TV (simpsons, races (like nascar), miss italia, and soccer)

yeah so thats about it?? i can' think of much else so yeah that is all
hope all is well bak at home :)

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