Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Weeks

Okay so i really suck a writing these, they are horribly organized and such but i'm not to worried about that :P But i guess i will try to keep this post somewhat organized..so here it goes :)
i think this is kind of insane...that is like 2 weeks and 1 day :S :S :S :S :S yeah so I'm really excited but i know i'm goign to miss all my friends and it's finally starting to sink in that i won't get to see all these people for 10 months :'(  It's like every time i see people (friends, family, coaches, co-workers i kind have this "mini freak out" about the fact that, THIS MIGHT BE THE LAST TIME I SEE THIS PERSON FOR 10 MONTHS :O !!!!!!!!!! then i do some calculating in my head and relax cause i still have 2 weeks left to see them again, and then i have ANOTHER "mini freak out" that i ONLY have 2 WEEKS LEFT okay so i think thats all for 1

2. I have managed with a bunch of help from my parents to organize my going away party which is this weekend :D at my aunt and uncles camp, its gonna be awesome and i'm super excited about it!!! Campfire, swimming, smore's BBQ, and w/e else :)

3. I'm still kind of slacking on the italian but i have managed to practice a bit this week :) I'm pretty much done disk 2 :D and i'm going to start disk 3 tomorrow morning :) hopefully will get llot of that done, since i don't have anything planned for the day, maybe renting a movie from "The New Movie Gallery" lol

4. Okay so this is just some random stuff i guess,
-last tuesday i sprained my ankle, so i couldn't finish the week of training :( but i'm back at the gym this week and my ankle is doing a lot better! thank god :)
-on thursday i'm going to go to gym, and go swimming and go and have Dippin Dots :) and it's going to be a super awesome day, but it might be the last time i see my coaches so it will be kind of sad to :(
-I only have 3 more shifts left at work, this is exciting but sad at the same time, i'm excited to not have to work but at the same time I think i'm actually going to miss working at DQ. All the good times, the box monster, secretly spiking everyones drinks with vinegar,  and our wonderful customers who never fail at giving us a good laugh :P
-I'm having my family going away party next weekend :) lots of yummy food :D
-On the 7th i'm going to be going to be going back to school for a day! To see ans say goodbye to my friends and teachers!
-Then hopefully on the 8th, i will be going to WONDERLAND!!! (mom if your reading this...i know you will at some point, can we pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase go to wonderland!!!!! with a cherry on top!)  Then goign out for supper with my cousins and parents in TO
-on the 9th not really sure whats going on, but i leave that night!

so yeah thats about all i have to say right now, i'll probably update one more time before i leave, so until then arriva derci!

oh and my visa is going to be ready on monday so we can get it when we go down to TO!

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