Thursday, October 7, 2010

Protests! :P

A side note before I start...for anyone who had wanted to see some more pictures, that doesn't have me on facebook, i've uploaded quite a few into my other posts, so if you want to take a little peak at my older posts feel free to do so :)

hmmm, i think before i get into the whole point of this post, i'll give everyone a little background on what is going on here in Italia. So, basically the italian government...or school board, i'm not to sure which...has decided that school is going to start earlier and end later (at least thats what i've been able to gather) so, all over italy, students are protesting against this. i think that's all you need to know?

Anyways,  my last post was sunday morning, so sunday afternoon, we went with a friend of my host dads out to a hotel (which i think he owned) in the mountains, about a 1 drive from here, and i ate the best meal of my life!!! although, i only made it through half because there was so much food and because i wasn't feeling that great, but anyways the meal was like 5 courses, 2 appetizers (one was a fish platter, with shrimp and breaded fish, and thinly sliced fish and salad, and the other had little finger foods, but they were like gourmet!!) the first main course was 2 bowls of 2 different pastas, one was a mushroom based and creamy and the other was like rolls with idk what in tomato was sooooooo soooooo goooood. The second main course was i think beef, and potatoes, and i had a little bit and it was amazing, but i got waaaaay to full, so i stopped eating. Then after there was a dessert platter with either ice creams and fruit or pastries. yeah so best meal of my life! My host dad said when i get married, to come get married in that hotel, it's so gorgeous and the hall is modern and ahh i love it!! ...i think thats about all that happened sunday?

(a picture i took from the front of the hotel)

(driving back)

(this small city where the hotel is)

nothing to exciting happened was okay, I had a physics class, and it was on where near as bad as i expected! i actually understood everything we were talking about (i had to have some of my classmates explain some of the symbols..since i haven't done physics before :P). I did my physics homework, after school, which was just to read a few pages, and learn the concepts. In the afternoon, we went out to the pharmacy to get something for my stomach problems :P (it's all good now :) and on the way back, we stopped at some clothing shop that had really nice/expensive clothes, my host mom bought herself an outfit, and a pair of pants and shoes for my host sister, she offered to buy me something but i said no...i don't like other people buying me things especially when they're expensive....oh and i had this pastry after supper that was like a cream filled ball with icing and it was soooooo goooood!!...yeah so that was basically monday

tuesday, was a very interesting day at school, we had what they called an "assembly" but it lasted all day, and for the morning, it was some guys talking at the front of the room, and no one payed joke, like no one, we were talking pictures and playing UNO haha. In for the second half, some more guys went up (these were all students) and imitated the teachers from our school, it was quite hilarious :P

(once again, not the best picture...but oh well)


the only other thing that happened tuesday was that i started my italian lessons, they are at my teachers house on the other side of town (she is a student at the university in either cosenza or catanzaro...i cant remember) but she's very nice, and i learnt something a few thins after only one lesson!

Wednesday, this is where the protesting comes in, we get to school at the normal time, and it was pouring rain (thank you sooooo much Auntie Claire, Uncle Rick, Kendra, and Nat, for the umbrella!!!!) so we all went inside to wait for the bell...about 2 mins before the bell ppl start screaming and clumping around the stairwell...turns out, there was a mouse hahaha, okay it's a mouse, no big deal right?? WRONG!! people were screaming and having panic attacks and calling their parents and running outside! We ended up standing outside in the rain for over an hour, then the school said that everyone could go home because there was a mouse and my host sister ended up staying along with about 20 others because i really have no idea why...but at around 11:30, the principal said that everyone had to leave the school so it could be sanitized, so we left school and walked around for a bit then went home and had lunch (which was delicious!! as always!) So, later on that night, i was on facebook, and i read one of my friends know what is said...(this isn't exact because i can;t translate very well, but it gets the point across) "Students of Liceo Classico G. Garibaldi! (<---that's my school) As planned the school was closed because of a "mouse infestation" we were successful, and tomorrow we PROTEST!!" idk, it was something along those lines, but i all in all it was a decent day :P

(One of the apparent 50 mice that were found in the school)

Today, was nothing out of the ordinary, i only had 1 class because i had 2 scheduled study periods, and the other 2 were science...but our science teacher left so we don;t have a new one yet! for one of my science classes i was in a another class, so i just talked with some of the people in that class for the period, i was nice, they all had a bunch more questions :P After school, i had another italian lesson, it was good, this time it was more talking than writing :) and my teacher gave me some pear juice and it was soo good, it was like thick, like a smoothie!! thats all :P

Hope everything's good on the other side of the world!

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  1. I think the protests were more about the budget cuts for the schools then the time changes, which I've noticed as well and really suck!