Monday, October 11, 2010

Things are getting better :)

So, i posted on thursday i think, so i don;t have to much to update, i've decided not to explain every day in detail, because it just takes way to long, so i'll just write the important stuff :)

First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! I hope everyone has an awesome day and and awesome dinner! Eat extra Mashed Potatoes for me!

So umm, friday wasn't a very good day, for some reason i was incredibly homesick, and just wasn't in a very good mood, but i skyped my dad, and he brought his laptop outside so i could see all the leaves changing colour, that was nice :) Also, friday we didn't go to school because there was a strike and Elena (my host sister) was sick, so i just hung around for most of the day

Saturday school was normal, i mentally celebrated my "One Month Away From Home" haha
Saturday night, we went over to Stefania's (a girl in my class) and hung out for a bit, then we went to "Tiffany" (the caffé) and met a group of like 15 guys who were extremely loud and hilarious! one of them kept falling out of his chair because he was laughing so hard haha...we hung out at the caffè for a bit them hung out on via Roma, i got some gelato (chocolate and coffee :) it was very very cold, and i wish i would have had some mittens...but over all it was a good night :)

Sunday we went to S. Agata, but this time we didn't go to church, because there was no church or something,...they said it was festa di madonna? Not sure what that is but works for me :)
after yet another delicious lunch i went for a walk and took some more pictures :)

(the truck in the background is something that is very common here, lots of people drive them in the city) 

(i can't take good pictures...)

(tiny streets :)

(kitty cats, near the park)

(the park)

(looking up at the city form the park)

When we came back home, i skyped my momther, and she told me she's shipping out my care package this week!!! I CAN"T WAIT FOR PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!! :D :D and she showed me the yard on the laptop, and it was very pretty :)

Today, was wonderful! At school we had math (which i kind of understood!) and then physics, and for english, we watched "CAST AWAY"!!! I love that movie and watching made my day/week! We got out an hour early because out last period teacher is still away! At lunch we had my favourite food...gnocchi! and it was delicious! (even though is was the store bought frozen kind :P) Today, I finally got to go to the gym!!!! :D it isn't very big, and the equipment is old, but thats okay with me! I'm just happy to be getting back into it! So the plan is for me to go next monday and be "assessed"to see if i'm good enough to train with the competitive group :) i think i'll do fine lol but i'm going to be the oldest one there by a good amount :P Hopefully the plan will be for me to train with the competitive group, and they train 4:30-7:30 monday-friday! that's 15 HOURS!! YAY! When i heard that i was extremely excited and now I can't wait for monday!! I'm finally going to say goodbye to boredom and hello physical activity! EEEEEEE!!!! :D 

uhm nothing much else to report? i don't remember if i said this already, but on thursday i'm taking a bus "pullman" to Napoli for another orientation camp! I'm super excited to see some of the people i met at the orientation in Rome, and to see Napoli!! (BIRTH PLACE OF THE PIZZA) I come back on Sunday (i get to miss 3 days of school!) and i get to take a TRAIN! because there aren't any buses running from Napoli to castrovillari on sunday! 

Well i think thats it
Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope you all eat lots!

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