Sunday, July 3, 2011

Forse é perché questo posto é l'unico

So today was my last sunday in Italy, and yesterday was my last saturday in's really sinking in now that I'm going to be home REAL soon.

So this actual "week" (mon-fri) wasn't overly special, I watched some good movies (Soul Surfer & Paul) and went to gym tuesday and thursday. Thursday was my last day of gym so i made brownies and brought my flag and got everyone to sign it. It was a pretty awesome last practice, i did bars for the first time in about 2 months...without grips...cause they disappeared and on my second flyaway...i landed looked down and saw that i was missing 2 calluses YAY i ripped!! not -.- oh well no biggie after some alcohol and some tape was all good to go, I spent pretty much the rest of practice doing mini tramp with a guy named Alessandro who is and international level diver (he told me he competed in Toronto once and competed against...i forget his name, but some famous canadian diver, and he said he got is arse whooped haha but still i think it's pretty awesome to even be able to compete at that ANY sport! Yeah so he liked coached me and it was kinda funny but it was a good day.

(Getting the flag signed...and the last brownie haha) 

(SWING!!!! =D)

(...and rip -.-)

(group photo! Giovanni, Giovanni, Chiara, Alessandro, Mi, Sandro, Nadia, Davide, Miriam, Ismaele, Valentina)

(just a wonderful sweaty picture =P)

I honestly for the life of me can't remember what i did friday?
I know it was Canada day, and i watched a movie on the computer, and made pancakes, but I don't really remember anything else?? actually then I went to with some friends a fare delle foto, cause one of my friends is really into photography so yeah we went to this one friends house and it was like something out of a movie it was GORGEOUS like omg nicest house i've ever been in, then after the foto's we watched Mulan yay Mulan! 

(look at the fluffiness! That's what happens when you use cake flour and + baking powder)

Saturday (ie yesterday) was my LAST saturday here in Cosenza and overall i think it was pretty good, the we stayed out late really not doing anything all that exciting but we laughed so much hahaha it was a good night.

Sunday (Today) was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! It was one of, if not THE best day I've had in these past 10 months.  My gym coach organized a "goodbye" trip with a bunch of people from the gym so I set my alarm for 7 so i could be ready when he came to pick me up at 7:40...thing is my phone starts ringing so i roll over answer it, and it was my coach asking how long i was going to be since one of the other girls he was picking up wasn't time is it??  him...7:30   me...HUH!?!?! So i jumped out of bed and got ready super quick and off we went 2 vehicles full of people to the mountains. The place we went was neat my old city of castrovillari in the Pollino mountains. It was like a canyon with a river/waterfall flowing through/down it. It was THE most beautiful thing i've ever seen! The pictures don't do it justice -.-.  So we basically spent the day hiking swimming and climbing our way through this canyon/river thing it was soooooo much fun we all had a blast. 

(this is where the river flows out of the canyon)

(The split mountain)

(il ponte del diavolo)

(looking down form the bridge)

(walking down)

(entrance to the canyon...under the bridge)

(me being pushed into the waterfall by Ismaele, and Davide giving him a mega thumbs-up in the basckround)

(it was just so cool!)

(It was so cool, I got someone to take a picture like every 5 minutes)

(The swim)

(preparing the rope)

(Me, Ismaele, Giuseppe & Giovanni)

(again, just closer up)

(Giovanni & Giuseppe just relaxing, cause us three got back out like 20 mins before everyone else)

(the waterfall from above)

(the mountain)

(Sandro and Ismaele dying trying to make it to the car)

So that's what i've been up on the drive back home we all were kind of half asleep so it gave me some time to think, and i've accepted that i'm going home soon (1week) and I'm okay with that now, I think I'm ready. I've got one awesome we ahead of me and then an entire awesome summer to come, I can't wait.

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