Monday, June 27, 2011

It's coming to an end...

"The highest and most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, nor read about, nor seen but, if one will, are to be lived."
Søren Kierkegaard

So it's happening, in less than 2 weeks I'll be back home, it's weird to think about. Like opening the fridge and grabbing a yogurt and seeing that it's going to outlast you, it's a weird feeling being jealous of a yogurt I don't really know how to explain it. 

Anyways, so last week me and Sofi went to Ostia which is kinda like a "suburb" or Rome, it's about 45 mins away. Yeah so we left wednesday morning and arrived back in Cosenza at i think 1:30am ish Saturday. So after a slightly boring 6.5 hour ride nel pullman, we arrived in Rome and met up with Marta, Massi (short for Massimiliano) and Dafne then later Frad (Francesco D.) met up with us and we just hung our beside a lake for a few hours. We were in Ostia for supper at Marta's house (where we stayed) then after we went to a concert on the beach it was and Italian Raggae artist called Brusco. That was pretty fun, and we ate cornetti at midnight cause Marta and another guy Mauro had disappeared and when they came back after like 30 mins they told us to follow them to the beach next over and they had hidden a big box of cornetti hahaha. 

(Marta, Dafne e Massi)

(Massi e Sofi)

(Frad e Dafne)

(il lago ie lake)

(Marta e Frad)

(Massi e Sofi al concerto)

(Dafne, Marta, Massi, Sofi, Me...idk)

(Mauro, Filipo, e Frad)

(Brusco =P)

Thursday we went to a beach called Zion allday and that was fun, we just hung out and played football (our kind ie not soccer) in the water. The beach was really cool, it was all sandy and enormous and full of rastafarians and african's selling like jewllery and bags, and big sheet things i have no idea what they're called. So we spent most of the day there then we went to Massi's for supper and then to a pub and then back to the house around 12:30 ish. 

(I haveth a tan!)

(The Beach)

(Mauro. Filipo, Dafne, Marta, Sofi, Massi, and me in the back)

Friday we just chilled at Marta's house (Me, Sofi, Marta, Massi, Frad, Fral (Francesco L.) and Alex) and had a BBQ and made burgers and sausages. Then around 4 we met up with the other people and they came with us to catch our bus. 

(Me, Marta, Massi & Fral...don't worry thats a cigarette, but they roll their own)

(Frad, l'uomo delle salsiccie)

(L'uomo e la donne delle salsiccie) 
(Massi e Marta)

(Fral...e un pò pazzo =P)

Sunday was spent at the beach which was incredibly windy the water was nice but as soon as you got out you had to race to your ombrellone to get your towel haha. I've only been to the beach a total of 4 times and I feel pretty brown =P I don't think i've ever been this i was wearing jeans and flipflops the other day and i looked down and was like holy crap is that really my foot hahaha.  

(Io ed Augusta nel Mare)

(Sofi e Augusta)

uh yeah well i'm looking forward to seeing everybody soon, only 13 more days till Canada! =D

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