Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Napoooooooli =)

Heyyyylo peoples, i don't know what else to right sooo yeah i'll just get on with the important stuff.
SO, idk just what i've been up to the past few days, sunday we went to San Pietro (the village not the church ;) ) for lunch and we even had Profiterols for dessert! They're my second favourite dessert here besides cannoli. The lemon ones are better than the chocolate ones =) Then that night we went and saw I Pirati Dei Caraibi 4 in 3D and it was pretty awesome! Yay!
uhm monday we went to Napoli (Naples) cause my host mom had an appointment so me and sofi hung around for the morning then we all walked around in the afternoon.

(me and Castel dell'uovo)

(part of the marina)


(Sofi on the rocks)


(if you double click this one you can see my fat belly haha)

(i'm a column hugger)

(la galleria)

(this is the it think it's called Cortile in english? of a monastery)

Yesterday I finished getting all the stuff i need to ship ready then i "practice" packed my bag and weighed it and guess what??? it was 10 grams UNDERweight !!!! WOOOOOO Success!!!! =D haha yeah so then last night we had a supper with our teachers because next year my class is going to the triennio so they change teachers (just go along with it i'm not gonna explain =P) Yeah we went to a pizzeria and had about a million appetizers but they were all SOOOO good, there was like prosciutto crudo, cheeses, mozzarella, zucchini fritters, potato fritters, potatoes & sausage, bread, meatballs and a bunch of other stuff, insomma by the time the pizza got there i only managed to eat about 3/4 of a slice (and I took the smallest slice haha) ...just looking now and idk why the font changed? oh well.

(funny picture-elisabetta, Sofi and me)

(1/2 my class)

(other half of my class)


(My class and one of the teachers II C wooo!)

(La bellissima torta, which i didn't eat cause there was nutella in it)

(Francesca and Elisabetta eating cake)

Oh and i finally got some bathing suits on saturday, Adesso posse andare al MARE!!!!  yeah so thats that, tonight we're going to a birthday for one of the guys in my class and tomorrow i'm off to Ischia (pronounced: Isskeyah) for the AFS end of stay camp! I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited 4 days with a bunch of other exchange students WOOOHOOOO! and it's an island so i hope we'll be able to go swimming!!!

and here's some random photos from my phone

(this si from the cousins house in San Pietro)

(I thought this was kinda funny =P)

(Yes, that price is for the iphone, for only 779 euro you can buy your own iphone from italy!)

(Cannoli = Love)

(here it's Dr. House)

(31 euro for a barbie vhs...i think not)

(the most amazing thing ever invented! Why don't we have there in CANADA???)

(MacDon's is a lot nicer here...)

(nice english...this is from the pizzeria we went to after pirates)

(so i know you can't read it but at the bottom there's a pizza that's called Cum' E De' De' and the toppings listed are "surprise" toppings... haha)

Okay that's it i got to goooo cause we've got that bday party tonight. I miss youuuuuuuu all. Can't wait to get home!! But first, Can't wait for CAMP!!! Yay afs camp! 


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