Monday, June 13, 2011

End of Stay Camp-Ischia!

So last night I got back from the end of stay orientation camp in Ischia which is an island near Capri off the coast of Naples and I have to say, it was a blast! I still think and will continue to think the best part of exchange is the moments you get to spend with the other exchangers. Everything is just so awesome even thought a lot of us hadn't seen each other since October, we all act like we've been together all year and that we've been friends for like ever =).  Yeah so I don't wanna bore anyone and write like everything that happened so i'll try and do my best to make a short summery

Thursday after arriving in naples by train we took a boat to Ischia and holy crap it was horrible the water was SOOOOOO rough like the boat was jumping, and it was a ferry like it wasn't tiny! yeah so we got to the hotel and that day we did a few activities and played some games and just hung out with all the other exchangers. That night we did this activity where we had to say something about our experience and then we each got to light a candle. Then we did the Banana dance which has become a tradition at our camps =)

(the candles once they'd all been lit)

(Go bananas, GO GO BANANAS!)

Friday morning after breakfast we went to the beach but they waves were really high so we couldn't actually go swimming, we just stayed like up to our knees and got knocked over my the waves and ended up with sand filled bathing suits =P We went back to the hotel and went in the pool and had chicken wars and stuff and lucky me ended up getting burnt haha wooo! In the afternoon we hung out and had more activities one of them was like evaluating out experience and we had to like move in and out of this square depending on what we thought. That night we all sat down around some candles outside and the volunteers read us a story which was more like not a story but like imagining what it will be like to go back home to get on the plane and say good bye and to get off and see your family and to be back home in your room and stuff we all had to close our eyes and everyone got all emotional. after we'd all recovered, Pigi did his infamous Bidet act and we learnt come si fa la cacca e usa il bidet in tutte le parte del mondo =P

(Il Mare)

(La spiaggia)

(big waves!)

(ahahah caught off guard =P)

(handstands =)

(just chillin)

(canada represent!)

(chicken wars)

( the 2 extremes, thai, serbian, american, turk)

(il bidet haha)

Saturday was more activities and games and discussions one was where there was a + and a - taped on the ground and we had to move to either one depending on our opinions but it was all like world issues and serious stuff but that was cool to get to see everyones point of view. Saturday night was the talent show which was pretty awesome, some people did traditional dances or sang songs, others did skits and played musical instruments, me and some of my friends did MAGIAAAAAAA! haha with the magic chair =P One person read a poem that they'd written in their language and translated into italian about being an exchange student, then at the end the volunteers did a skit about the "typical" Neapolitan family. We laughed lots and i think it was a good last night.

(our curves showing the highs and lows of our experiences)

(say cheeeeeeese!)

(Maja with her flute)

(The chinese plus 1 thai singing a chinese song)

(Thai dance)

(Turkish dance)

(Napoli groups song)

Sunday we got up and after breakfast packed our bags. In the morning we read everyones letters that they had put in the "post" some were funny and others were really touching. We also had to write a letter to ourselves that AFS will send to us in december. I thought that was pretty cool, we had to write about like what we were thinking about going home and stuff about how we thought it would be to be back home and stuff. Then we spent the rest of the time just hanging out taking pictures and saying goodbye to everyone. Me and the 2 other girls had to leave early to catch our train and it was kinda sad, cause we don't really know if we'll get to see each other again, we'll only have one night in rome and there's gonna be like 400 some people s it'll be hard to find everyone...They trip back was pretty good, the boat ride was a lot nicer haha

(getting my flag signed =)

(Patarapa-thailand, me, Marie-germany, Amr-egypt)


(Lindsay-USA, me, Marina-France)

(Asia + Franzi =P)


(Keita after being thrown in the pool haha)

(Ischia!!!! =D)

Oh and so, yesterday was 28 days till i'm home...exactly 4's kinda crazy, i honestly think i'm more scared/worried to go home than i was when came here...oufa Il tempo rimasto non รจ abbastanza =( 

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