Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just another post :)

So I decided to write another post, because i'm bored and there is nothing else to do :)
So i don't have anything much to update about, i've kinda been slacking on practicing my italian because i have been so busy these past two weeks :S but, i'm gonna get on it, from now on i will spend a bit of time everyday, so that i will be able to finish the program before i 41 DAYS!!!!! ahhh its coming so quickly and i still have lots to do, such as learn italian!!!! get my visa!!! refill my bank account, get my laptop, figure out my phone issues, and hang out with all my friends, of and plan my going away party :S it may not seam like much, but trust is
hmmm well I got an e-mail from afs in montreal saying they express mailed me my host family's application!! that was 3 days ago, but i still haven't checked the mail, so i think i'll do that when i'm done this post :)
I've been talking to my host sister through e-mails, but yesterday we finally got to talk on facebook chat!! its so much better being able to talk in real time :D i'm soooo unbelievably excited for this, i can't wait!!!!! I also know that i'm going to be going to the same school as my host sister, and i think i'm going to be in her class!! but i will be exempt from latin and greek haha thank god, im going to have a hard enough time learning italian, these no need to add another 2 languages :P Oh and in other good news THERE IS A GYM IN CASTROVILLARI!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D and me and my host sister have planned to go every friday!!!! YAY!!
yup so thats pretty much all i have to say right now, other than that the past three weeks have been super awesome, i don't think i was bored for more than like 5 mins at the most, and i'm just now realzing how much im going to miss my friends :(
thats all :)
ciao a tutti!!


  1. How far are you planning to get with Rosetta Stone? and how far are you now?

  2. well i have the full program all 5 levels, and right now im just about to start the 3rd...and i leave in 25 days so im going to have to spend a lot of time on it if i want to finish before i leave :S
    so if possible im planning on finishing the whole program :)