Friday, July 2, 2010

70 DAYS :D OMG !!

This is sooo crazy, i leave in 70 days!! SEVENTY DAYS!!!!!!! I think its finally starting to hit me that i'm not going to be here next year, like i have 2 months left with my family and friends before i have to leave them for 10 months :O . There is so much stuff i want to do this summer before i leave and i don't think i'm going to find the time to to it all :(
But off the topic of worrying and stressing out over the future i might as wel update on what i've been up to in these past couple of weeks.
So #1, is that im DONE grade 10! wwhoooooooooooooooooooooh
I've been out of school for the past week, and have spent most of my time working on fundraising, i'm almost done which is good, because i have to have it all in by the 9th, (friday) then i will finally be able to relax, because for at least a month i will have nothing to worry about, no school, which means no homework, no more fundraising, no more getting up early! haha
#2, well umm thats about all thats happened haha i had my exams and they all wet pretty well (i think so anyways :P), and i've been working on learning somemore italian thats going pretty go as well i can speak in sentences now!
#3 i still dont have a host family :( but i'm still not to worried, because i know i'm not the only one without one, and AFS canada emailed me saying i would have one before the end of this month (July)!  
#4 well yesterday was Canada Day! Happy belated B-day Canada! and i spent the day at camp with my friends it was actually pretty awesome, even getting rained on by fireworks :)
And last but certainly not least, I finally get to go to orientation camp! So on friday, me and my mom are driving down to Toronto so i can go to th camp, which is on saturday! from what i've heard it isnt all that exciting, but o well, i'm excited anyways! then on sunday i'm going shopping alllll daaay! this is also very exciting. And to finish off the weekend, were driving back up north to Sault Saint Marie to go see ELTON JOHN in concert...with HIS WHOLE BAND!!!!! EEEH i'm pretty pumped! haha
okay well i
'll hopefully post again soon, once i get my host family :)

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