Thursday, July 15, 2010

I HAVE A HOST FAMILY!!! ...and i leave in 56 days :D

SO, as you can see by reading the title, I HAVE  A HOST FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!
I am beyond excited, that i finally got the host family info!
I am going to be living in southern Italy in the "Small" town of Castrovillari, Cosenza with a population of 22,603 haha. The town offers many sports such as dance, tennis, athletics, swimming, volleyball, football, basketball, and there are 3 gyms!
My host family consists of:
My host dad Giovanni, who is a doctor and director of cardiology at the hospital
My host mom who is also a doctor and is director of the hospital
My oldest host brother Francesco, is 22 and is studying to become a dentist
My other host brother Antonio, is 21 and studying medicine
My host sister Elena, is 17 and does dance
They all seem so awesome! None of them smoke, thank god, and they can speak english
They have no pets, so i don't have to worry about allergies :)
I am going to be sharing a room, i'm guessing with Elena (they didn't write who in the application) and my 2 host brothers will be away most of the time that i am there, because they are away at school.
I am very excited that my host family has a pool!! (I've always wanted a pool :D)
My family is very close, they have dinner together every day and have lunch with the grandparents every sunday.
I am soooooooo excited to leave for Italy, i can't believe i leave in 56 days...thats less than 2 months!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEH
So yeah thats all i have to say, wait no not true, this past weekend i went down to toronto for my pre-departure orientation, and had lots of fun. The volunteers were hilarious and we learnt allot. We also had some really good pizza...yummmm :)
oksy now i'm done lol


  1. I can't wait to get my family information! But I just got my school info yesterday so that will suffice for a week or so:) See you in New York!

  2. New york?? I'm from Canada :P haha so i'm not going to new york