Tuesday, June 15, 2010

85 Days :D

So...heres the deal, i leave in less than three months now, and time if just flying by. I only have 2 days of grade ten left (When did this happen, it seams like just yesterday, I walked into grade nine :S) Anyways i only have 2 exams!! English and history, i'm not to worried about english, but history...that might be a challenge haha but i'll do okay :)
so I have my English exam on friday, and as soon as its done me and all my friends are going to go cliff jumping at a beach near the school :D It's going to be sooo much fun ! I can't wait, then after that i have my last exam on wednesday...then SUMMER 2010!!!!!!! WHOOOO haha that means all my time will be going towards finishing my fundraising, and working to raise more money so i will have some spending money for Italia :)

EEEEH ! if you can't tell i'm getting pretty excited :D :D :D :D
So, i've been learning some Italian using a the program my faaaaaajer bought me and so far I have learn't some basic stuff heres what i can think of off the top of my head
hello/ciao or buongiorno
my name is Aly/Mi chiamo Aly (Chi is pronounced as qui)
blu/ azzurro or blu (depending on the shade)
shirt/ una camicia (cia is pronounced cha)
apple/ una mela
rice/ il rizo
how are you?/comme stai
i know the numbers up to 29 :P
idk theres a whole bunch of stuff lol waaaaay to much to write down.

oh and i'm well on my way to raising the money :)
i've got something like $2000 in the last few weeks
and when my dad comes back from his trip (i think hes in London right now?)
were going to raffle off airplane tickets since he has soooo many air miles, to ANYWHERE in the United States or Canada !!!! so hopefully that will raise a ton of money (fingers are crossed)

so yeah thats about all i have to say. I will post again once i get a host family :)
Arrivederci  ;)

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  1. Hello Aly! My name is Nicole and I hope to be going to Italy as well, but from January - July. I'd love to talk to you about how you got interested in the trip and everything! Feel free to email me at nicol33ee@aim.com or facebook me: Nicole Cantrell. Thanks, and I look forward to talking to you!