Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zumpa ru ruaspu e zumpa ra rana e chini un zumpa è figliu i puttana

So looks like i imagined writing a blog post about easter haha cause it was a week and a 1/2 ago and they're isn't a single thing written about it on this blog.

So here, easter is a big holiday we got a full week off, from the 20-27th (which was wednesday-wednesday).  The days leading up to easter were pretty relaxed,
the night of the 20th we were supposed to go to the greek restaurant for supper but we showed up (in a group of about 18) and turns out we had made reservations at ANOTHER greek restaurant haha i wasn't aware there were 2 =P
Thursday or friday (i don't remember which), my friend Francesca from Castrovillari came to visit me! She came to Cosenza in the morning with her friends and when they went home after lunch she met up with me and we just kinda roamed around until about 7. It was kinda cool, because the last time i'd seen her we were talking in english (she speaks english really well) and this time it was in italian, so i guess that means i've improved =)
Saturday morning me Sofi and my host mom spent about 3 hours grocery shopping we did a "megashop" at a huge store and guess what i found?!?! PICKLES!!! (they weren't the normal ones but still first time i've seen them since i got here!) and BLUEBERRIES!! woot! also saw a 189 euro easter egg that was almost as tall as me...
That afternoon, a group of us went grocery shopping for Pasquetta "easter monday" and bought a bunch of meat for grilling =)
Sunday we "host family" went up to Sila to my host dad's "Agriturismo" (ie: Bed & Breakfast/Restaurant/Potato farm) for a huge but delicious lunch,  even though one of the pasta dishes had walnuts in it ;) 1st of 3 times i would encounter nuts in under 1 week and a half -.- (luckily i noticed before i ate enough to get sick each time and only had a bit of a stomach ache and a funky feeling mouth =) After lunch me and Sofi went for a walk in the fields/forest and just hung about.

(the river)

(the potato fields)

(the red building is the bed and breakfast/restaurant and the long hanger like one is the potato shed.) 

(it was pretty)

Monday was the infamous Pasquetta (which i think we should start a tradition of celebrating) and we went to the mountains to a friends "under construction" house (when i say under construction i mean it was build a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long time ago and it's just concrete walls no doors or anything and they're kind of remodelling it) and basically had a BBQ party and ate loads and played games and laughed and just had a blast it was an awesome day =) 

(the BBQ loaded with bread, sausage, steak, and bacon!)

(The egg!)

(haha Dario after some of the girls convinced him to let them but on "makeup")

(Michela and her very first cake...everyone said ti wasn't very good and to sweet but i thought it was delicious!)

The 27th was a pretty good day =) I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and they actually turned out really good and fluffy! To make the day even better, i had an awesome gym practice! We were doing dismounts on beam and i did front tucks and cartwheel backtucks for the 1st time in about 2 years! and best part...i did my 1st EVER FONRT WALKOVER ON BEAM!! honestly NEVER thought that would happen! WOO!

I'm apologizing now cause this seems kinda long and i'm not done...

This past saturday was AMAZING, it was probably the best night of my entire exchange (maybe, the nights with the other exchange students come pretty close) anyways, in the afternoon we went and played Q-zar which is a type of laser tag and had a BLAST it was way funner than i expected! (and i didn't do all that bad!) So if was our normal group that went plus a friend of our friend Nino (yes that is his real name...Nino), Antonio (who's only 13) and I was on his team (along with Sofia, and another friend Claudia) and pretty much the entire game (55 mins) he kept screaming (over the music and sound effects) "DON'T TOUCH THE CANADIAN!" haha this is just were it starts. 
So after we all go home to shower change ect then meat back up for supper (I just used the improper "meat", but i'm going to leave it to show you that my english sucks.) And turns out Antonio came out for supper to...so basically that entire night consisted of him asking ridiculous question about canada (Ie: do you have planes in canada? do you have cars in canada? do you eat pizza in canada? do you wear shoes in canada? do you have running water in canada? the list goes on and on and on...and on.........and on plus another 1/2 hour that was spent trying to teach my jokes in dialect...from 8-midnight. We laughed soooooo much my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. (that my a few lines ago was a me) Yeah so all in all it was great. oh i almost forgot, Antonio also convinced me to let him call me Annelise...because he couldn't remember my name haha. Come dicciamo quoi, lui è un grande! (and no for those of you guessers or those using google translate is doesn't mean he's a big haha it's an expression that has no english equivalent.)

That's pretty much it updates wise...Osama was killed sunday night for anyone is extremely isolated and hasn't heard. I started reading Moby Dick.


So, today, while walking to the gym (i've decided since it's nice out i might as well get the exercise even if it takes 40 mins) I was thinking. Holy w;EJKFBWCIA;JKV ;BAIERUJSDB;CWIE (<--- not sure what that's supposed to mean?) I'm in Italy...i've been here for almost 8 months...i haven't seen my family or friends in almost 8 MONTHS! I must be insane? Then I had another thought...I'm walking down the street, in ITALY, on my way to gymnastics...in ITALY...thinking about being insane...in ITALIAN. Yeah i know right? I kinda had this revelation today and realized how freaking amazing this is! Just the fact that thinking back to like eighth grade, i NEVER in a million years would have thought this could have been possible, but here I am (well i guess for you, here i'm not).  This whole experience is...well you really can't explain it. (this is also what i was thinking about...in ITALIAN!) It's something beyond words, you have to live it to experience to to understand. It's a life changing experience and it changes your outlook on everything! Before my exchange i had written a bucket list of all the things i wanted to do before I died...and it consisted about 90% of things i wanted to see. (for ex: the great wall of China, the pyramids at Giza etc...) But now that i've been here and i've lived the life, I realized it really isn't about "seeing" it's about experiencing and leaning.  Yeah I still think it would be cool to see all those places i wrote down, but I'd rather take the time to get to know the CULTURE and the LANGUAGES than to just see the sights, because culture is what really counts. Another thing i was thinking about was...damn i forget...maybe because it's midnight and i should be well asleep by now...if i remember i'll post tomorrow...

oh right, tomorrow i'm going to ROME for 4 days with my host mom and Sofia! I can't wait!! i'll put lots of pictures!!! 

Ti voglio bene!

p.s. i feel like i'm forgetting something? Oh I apologize also for my bad habit of always using this "i" instead of "I". I think thats it.

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