Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just an update

So not all that much has been going on here. This past weekend was my host sisters birthday so as a surprise me and Augusta made her a SUPERAWESOMELYAMAZING OREO CAKE! =) I think for the first "real" (as in more that one layer, and we made the icing and the filling) cake i've ever made it turned out pretty great! 

You may now feel free to bask in it's awesomeness ;) 

So uhm? other than that not much has happened, just school (thank god it's almost done!! I've only got 2 interrogations and a math test left and i'll be done! woot!) I somehow managed to get a 9 (out of 10) for my "history of art" interrogation? Yesterday i had my final italian test and i think i did pretty good =) hmm? oh today we got to skip school and go to a theater and watch students present EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY that the school did this year, like all the after school courses and trips and stuff...most boring 2 hours of my life -.- and then my afs contact at the school told me after i got there that i had to go up on stage and say something because i'm one of the school's "activities" ...well then haha so yeah i didn't really know what to say, but everyone clapped to i think i'm good haha. 
The nice weather finally came back today, it must have been at least like 28-29 earlier! hopefully it stays for good this time cause VOGLIO ANDARE AL MARE!!!!!!!  (I wanna go to the sea!!!!!) yup that's about it...oh yesterday i did a backhandspring on beam...with a "makeshift" beampad (ie a really thin mat) and i stuck 2 so HA. I'm not a complete failure at gym lol. 
Okay i'm done for realz this time =) 

CIAO! ....ONLY 45 DAYS!!!!!!!!!! =D YAY!

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