Monday, March 7, 2011


It's march! ... =D ... =S ... =(
This is good, because this month i have my exchange week to reggio emilia, and possibly a few days in Rome!
This is bad because...i only have like 4 more months left =(

yeah still slacking on posting but you know there are other things i could be doing haha oh and before i forget, i'm gonna be staying with this family until i leave =) ! Yay!!
Gym is still going good =) Got my standing backtucks back last week, and managed to do roundoff spring whip...kinda haha also almost did an arabian (keep falling on my but =P) and the other day I did some backhandsprings up onto a "block" which i'm not sure how i pulled off considering i couldn't do them this summer haha.
oh today in gym class the normal teacher came back and apparently she used to do gymnastics, so while everyone else is playing volleyball she lets me do gym stuff =)

(There was a meet that's why there's so many ppl/ ...Me and 2 of the girls i train with they're i think 14 and 15)

(i <3 daddy's new camera)

School is pretty good, we had a math test and a got like 75% haha not to good, but ok conseidering i didn't do a question and another one i got the right answer but used the long process so only got half marks but everything else was right =)
Wrote and italian test to but we still haven't got those back. Last few weeks was chill at school cause one day it snowed and no one went, we've gone and left an hour late/early on multiple different occasions cause teachers were missing and yeah it's just been pretty chill.

(That's my school in the back, i'm i the old building the new one is a lot nicer)

finally watched the last song (xmas or bday gift from jenn) and i cried the entire last 1/3 of it haha idk why...i don't usually cry during movies...maybe it's cause i was sick lol?
2 weeks ago we went to mcdonalds for lunch with the class to celebrate finishing "I Promessi Sposi" which is a old novel they've been reading since october. I got a salad cause i refuse to eat anything else there =P then i went home and watched supersize me online and i will never eat Macdon's EVER AGAIN!!! not even the salad!!

Then the day after we went to "for real" celebrate the ending of the book so we went to "Rosso Pomodoro" for supper and it was really good (we go there pretty often, they make really good pizza, and pasta!) Then after we went bowling and we all failed miserably cause it was with those enormous balls haha and half of them had never played before. Also got to try an airsoft gun and me and sofia tied.

Last friday we had like half the class over and i made chocolate chip cookies and pancakes and everyone loved them =) it was fun, it's been a while since i had choco chip cookies.

(attempting to open the tomato sauce =P)

(Sofia, Elvira & Elisabetta still trying to open the tomato sauce)

(Elisabetta and Martina)

(Cookie dough!)

(Ersillia & Federica)


(Mariateresa & Francesco) 

(Federica, Elisabetta & Martina)

Okay so not this past weekend but the weekend before daddio came to visit! =D
It was great and we ate so much good food! We went out one night with sofia and her mom to this place...i forget what it's called....and OH MY GOD it was the BEST I"VE EVER EATEN...EVER!! I got this pasta with saffron and zucchini and it was just amazing i can't even describe it, it was literally the best i've ever eaten, ever!
Then i think the day after we went up to Sila (where sofia's dad lives/has a farm/bed and breakfast) and we had lunch there and omg that was amazing to! it was a 6 course meal with like 3 appetizers, then firsts then seconds then dessert!! YUMMMMM! it was so funny sofia's nona drank like 6 glasses of wine and some grappa or something like that and she kept saying it was to "warm herself up" haha then right as were about to leave sofia's dad jokingly offers her another grappa and she's just like "well i'm not gonna turn it down so why not, you know to warm me up" xD omg we all dies laughing it was hilarious and she was just like "....what why is everyone laughing?" Hhahhahaha xD Also one day we got to go shopping and i got lots of nice stuff =) (Thanks dadddy!)
oh and one more thing, one night me and sofia had a bday party to go to so dad went for supper by himself near his hotel and he was going to order but no on spoke english to this older man walked over and offered to help and his english was really good, he was there with his wife and they were waiting for some other people to they started talking and turns out he's from (i can't remember which) either the island or  tobomory! (idk how to spell it) Small world haha i though that was pretty neat.

(Me Daddio and my host family =)

(Me and daddio Cosenza Vecchia)

We've been eating like pigs so as of today i'm giving up junk food for a while.
In the past 2 weeks, we've eaten out like 5 times. We went back to Rosso Pomodoro , then the night after out for chinese (where i tried 2 new things, 1 cruntchy rice which i didn't know i ordered haha and fried gelato which was extremely good!) last night at the freepub, then another night we went out for pizza, and then there was macdon's and the other time we went to rosso pomodoro. Plus yesterday we went up to San Pietro because it's carnevale and we had a huge lunch with lasagna, meatballs, "verdure", potatoes and desserts!

Sorry this is so all over the place but i'm just trying to write everything down =P
Uhm weather here is !@$@#! up, one day it snows the next day is 14 then it rains and then its sunny again then it pours and it's only like 2 and then sun then more rain and yeah just no sense at all.

uhm...i dont think i have anything else to say??
I'll be home in just over 4 months =D
Yay i'm excited, but i don't really wanna leave yet =S

I miss everyone!!!

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