Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I don't update for like 3 weeks...and know i'm updating after a day...I'm pretty good at keep a schedule

So bad trip to rome got cancelled -.-

okay now for good news!
So, today, on the way to school, me and Sofia talked about travelling YAY!
We are for sure going to spend a day or 2 in Naples! (not sure when yet?)
We are also for sure going to spend some time in rome (either over easter break of once summer vacations start)
And here it gets reaaaaaal good. Sofi's mom said that once the vacations start she either wants to take us on a cruise (on the east side to sea like greece and stuff) or to St Petersburg in RUSSIA!!!!! =D Yeah so i'm super excited! I think she may have said something about milan to...i'm not sure?


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