Monday, February 21, 2011

Still slacking ;)

So apparently i haven't posted in 2 weeks haha oops
This is most likely due to the fact that there hasn't really been anything all that interesting to report.
Schools still the same, i'm all caught up on my work now though.
I've been going to the gym and i'm slowly getting back in shape haha.
I got to actually do bars for the first time in 5 months so that was awesome! (I even did a few flyaways!)
hmmm? The teacher interrogated me in history and that went well...i think?
yeah life in general is just the same, you know?
we went to a sofia's friends birthday party, but only stayed 2 hours because we had to study and everyone else there was from this girls class and we didn't know anyone.
I bought 2 more cook book, gonna have to make use of them eventually.
yeah not really much else?

wait, i met with Vincenzo (my tutor) last week, to figure out my travel plans so this is what i know
-I am for sure not going to germany =( he said there wasn't even any point in asking and that asking could jeopardize my chances of going anywhere else?
-I'm probably going to Rome with the school sometime in either april of may
-I'm doing an exchange week to Reggio Emilia (in the NORTH!) in mid march
-and i'm going to Crotone for a few days at the beginning of march
-I might be able to go with sofia and the others to rome next month because martina's dad might go, so if he does i think i'll be able to go.

yup that's all,
and i had the most amazing gelato the other day, it was half dark chocolate, half canolli siciliana! yummmm =)
But i'm on a diet so shhhhhhhh ;)

Ciaaaaaao =)

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