Monday, February 7, 2011

So i think i'm slacking =P

So it's been like a week and a half since i posted?? i think?
So I found the gym!! wooooo YAY!! haha
I got to go everyday last week because we were practicing for an exhibition we did on saturday morning which was actually a lot of fun =)
I've already made a bunch of friends (who are my age haha) at the gym!
So i've payed to go on tuesday and fridays but it's only 1 hour 1/2 each time so i'm going to ask the coach if i can go more often =) cause 3 hours a week is still no very much haha
Yeah so this week was actually awesome it's been like one of the best weeks since i got here, mostly because of gym, but also because i kind of finally have a routine worked out =) and i'm all caught up on my homework!! YAY!! took me long enough =P
i really don't know what else i can write about?? life here is pretty normal, just school, homework, gym, sleeping, eating haha i bought 2 new cook books and between the 2 of them there's 900 recipes!! YAY food!!! =D Yeah hmm I don't know? I'll just add some photos... =)
(shopppppping =)

(more shopping =)

(Cosenza Vecchia) 

(from our "Chinese/turkish movie night")
...So we had a bunch of people over and ate Kepap and Chinese and watched "L'erba di Grace" (saving grace...names aren't the same in english and italian)

(the duomo in Cosenza Vecchia)

( a pizza me and sofia made!)

And i'm almost half way done!! (thursdaaaaay!) 

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