Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is gonna be a short one =)
Just want to say thanks for the xmas presents!!! I love every single one of them!!! =D
It was a great day, the 7th of january, first day of school, got out an hour early, it was warm and came home to a great big package sent from home =)
(the last 2 pics are unrelated...but i just wanted to add them)

(There it is!!!)

(It's xmas in January!)

(Hehehe kraft dinner xD)

(From Mommy =)

(Thanks youuuuuuu! ...and yes that thing in the back is a remote control "AR drone")

(This is what I ended up with after like 30 mins at H&M...yay sales!)

(This was at Blockbuster...SUPER NACHO xD hahahahhah)

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