Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 looks AMAZING!

so before I explain why 2011 looks so amazing, i'll update a bit on this past week =)

Sooooo, Sunday morning we went out for a nice long run =) Were going to go evey long as the weather is decent.
Monday marked 4 months here in italy...which i think is totally crazy since i have less than 6 months left...i'm almost halfway done =S  I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing...I love it here, i can't really imagine going home in less than 6 months...
I finished my first full week at my new school and i like it so much better than the other one, things are waaaay more organised and i'm learning more already =)
On thursday i went to see a movie with the school, it was alright not really something i would choose to watch but still it was nice to get out on a weekday lol plus we stayed out for lunch and got Pizza romana, and some gelato =) yummm.
Friday we didn't go to class because we went to a spanish play instead....i understood all of about 5 words lol...3 of which were names xD Then we went for lunch at the mall and spent the afternoon just hanging out with like 1/2 the class cause the weather was soooo nice (like around 15!) Then that night we went out for MEXICAN!! omg...i'm in love!!! I had onion rings for the first time in over 4 months and the most amazing burrito you could imagine!! ahhh it was just so good!! and i got a sombrero hahaha

yeah so that was this week...and here what my 2011 is looking like so far =)

End of Jan
Exchange week up north!! They said it would probably be like Venice!! or Milan!! or something!!! =D

End of Feb
Dad coming to visit for a weekend!! =D

Trip to rome with a bunch of friends
GERMANY!!!!! cause daddio is working musikmesse =) (already talked with my rep and he's fine with it he just has to run it by the head office but he said there shouldn't be any problems =)

Schools done first week of the month! Gonna be spending my days at the sea!! =)

End of stay camp get to see all the other exchangers!!! =)
Euro trip with mom =D
HOME!! =D Get to see all my friends after 10 months!!!

EEEEE it's just so exciting!!!!! =D

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