Monday, January 24, 2011

Che tempo brutto

in english "What ugly weather" It's been rainy and cold here since thursday which sucks...but! The one good thing about this horrible weather is that is has brought snow to the surrounding mountains which weekend we're going to the ski hill!!!! =D Sofia doesn't want to ski...but her uncle is going so were gonna go and she's gonna bring a friend and just watch =) I'm excited!! I miss snowboarding!! 
hmm...idk what to write nothing to exciting to report, life here really isn't all that different, school, homework, studying, hanging out with friends it's good. Saturday we went as a big group to see "Qualunquemente" an italian film that makes fun of politics it was pretty good, i didn't understand everything though cause it was in dialect -.- lol. Then we went out for supper to the  'free pub" which isn't free just to clarify haha. Yeah not much else? 
i took some pictures of my school work so here you go =P

(I Pormesi Sposi...The betrothed)

(this is old...i got bored haha)

(some of my notebooks) 

(Still bored)

(pg 1 of an essay on vivisection)

(pg 2)

(math -.-)

(today's math -.-)


(what could this be??)

(doodle pages)

(the little person on my agenda that i drew for halloween)

(quotes...what is real)

(found this in one of the books i brought from home...i drew it in grade 8)

(count downnnnn)

(from the greek teacher at my old school)

(history of art)


(bio from old one else drew them...but it helps me to see pictures)

(hmmm...this was slightly familiar hahaha)

(Spanish =S)

(vocab form harry potter =P)

(more vocab)

and thats it...ciaooooooo

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